Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Favorites

Hey guys, I am so incredibly sorry for being absent lately. I have got back to work plus I am currently trying to finish my last paper of my degree (fingers crossed)!
Anyway, I bet all of you, just like me, have been loving some products during the last month, because now it is officially fall, and all of us are probably starting to use some of our fall favorites :) So I thought I'll share some of my favorites, and I would love to know about your favorites too in the comments section :)
So lets get started:

First of all, here is the YouTube edition:

Hair Products:

1. Phyto Denfsifying Treatment Shampoo
     I dont know about you, but my hair always starts to fall horribly during transitional times, from summer to fall or any other seasons. This has been really great, as I havent experienced that so far, and in fact I think that my hair is in a better condition than before! Hurray, Phyto's the way!

2. Moraz Herbal Haid Conditioner
     Should I start by saying that I am constantly sniffing my hair because of this? It smells so divine, just like real rosemary! It is almost purely natural, and it leaves my hair feeling softer than ever, shiny, and tangle free! I really love it and I would recommend doing a little research on this whole brand, especially if you like natural hair care and skincare items within a reasonable price, actually pretty cheap.

Body Care:

1. Moraz Polygonum Body Lotion:
     Not only does this smell natural and pretty amazing, it gets absorbed really quickly and leaves the skin feeling really nourished and moisturized. I am so in love with this brand right now and considering purchasing more products!

2. Dr. Fischer Foot Cream
     Yes, it smells pretty awful, but if you only use it at night and wear socks over it, it will just work its magic and you wont be able to smell it! Its a miracle kind of product.

Makeup: (Lots of Guerlain products, just saying)

1. Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in 03 Les Verts
     The divine secrets of earthy colors on the eyes, with perfect quality. What can I say about them, I love them!

2.Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 03 Brunettes
    After not using this for a while, I have fallen back in love with it, it gives the healthiest flush to the face, lasts for a very long time, and not to mention, it smells DIVINE!

3. Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 141 Quand Vient l'Ete
     The most beautiful natural orange coral color I have seen, feels fabulous on the lips, and lasts for a fair time indeed. An old but good favorite indeed

4. Lancome Rouge in Love in 322M Corail in Love
     I have been loving coral lips, and if I fancy a little more pink in my coral, this is the answer! Just a little more pink than orange, yet magnificent, and magnificent feel and longevity!

Nail Polish:
Oh the fall/winter colors are just stunning! I'll leave you to be the judge!

1. Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail enamel in 807 Black Ruby

2.Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail Enamel in 808 Hypnotic Red

3. Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail Enamel in 815Tangerine Garnet

4. Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail Enamel in 822 Rhodolite Garnet


   Lola by Marc Jacobs
     I will leave the description to Google, but I'll tell you one thing, this perfume is the most perfect perfume for fall and the upcoming winter as well as spring, summer, and everything in between. Not too sweet, not too citrusy, not too spicy, its just perfect!

Now dont forget to leave me your thoughts on my favorites as well as yours, I'd love to hear from you :)