Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to Care For a Lipstick: 5 What NOT to do's with Pricey lipsticks

I am one of those people who absolutely melt in front of a really pretty high end lipstick, and when I buy one, I treasure it and I want to treat it as if it was the queen of England, I want to love honor it! And in order to do that, I avoid those following situations:

1. I do not store my lipsticks in a warm setup, heat might either melt some lipsticks or just spoil them. I'm not saying that high end lipsticks are so fragile, all I'm saying is that prevention is better than the cure. I also store them in the dark, and I never keep more than the lipstick I wear in my handbag. Your room temperature should be fine as long as it is not always exposed to the sun, or that you dont always have a fireplace that is always burning in your room!

2. Do not let a lot of the lipstick show out of the tube while you're applying it. Lipsticks are essentially not super hard and unbreakable, and if you twist out more than necessary, you're giving the lipstick more room to break.

3. Do not leave your lipsticks in your bag, at least not ones that you are not wearing. First and foremost, the temperature is uneven, and during the summer, the heat might spoil your lipsticks. Other than that, out of sight is out of mind, and you do want to use all your lipsticks. Lastly, generally speaking, the bottom of handbags is one of those filthy places in a woman's life, and having my lipstick in a dirty environment makes using it seem unappealing and off putting, and sometimes the dirt will stick to the product.

4. Do not lend any of your pricey lipsticks to anyone whom you suspect might take them for granted and use them over products such as lip liners than don't even go with the lipstick shade, or they might do what situation #2 talks you against doing. Not to mention that lipstick obviously touches your lips, and to let anyone just use yours is a little disgusting, in my opinion.

5. Try to use up a lipstick before 24 months, because I feel like that is the time that they start going really bad, smelling a bit sickly, and feeling quite horrible! And if you buy a shade you don't like and don't see yourself wearing that much. just give it to someone who will, because otherwise, you'll be throwing a pricey almost untouched lipstick straight into the bin, and that hurts!

Saturday Night Beauty & Organization Ritural

I am one of those people who work on Saturdays, but when I get back home, I like to do some things to prepare for a pampering day/night Sunday bath. I do not take a bath on Saturday, I just prepare myself for it. And here's what I do.

1. The first thing I do is remove my nail polish and give my hands a good wash afterwards. I might cut my nails because I prefer short nails, but sometimes I just feel like growing them for another week.
2. I remove my jewelry and then remove my makeup, and concentrate more makeup remover on my neck, shoulders, and chest.
3. Then I change into some comfy pj's and hit the sink to cleanse my face twice with whatever cleanser I am currently using. And I exfoliate my lips in between the two cleanses, basically I cleanse once, dry my face, exfoliate again, and go back and double cleanse.
4. I go back to my room and use my toner, and I also concentrate more on my neck that I usually would.
5. I apply my face and eye serums and again, I pay special attention to my neck.
6. I apply my moisturizer and lip balm.
7. I brush my hair.
8. I apply a bit of Vaseline on my cuticles and feel, I put on some socks, and after 5-10 minutes, I go and wash my hands.
9. I just apply some hand cream!

After I've prepped my skin, I start cleaning organizing everything I used.
1. I deep clean my brushes.
2. I empty all my handbags and throw out the junk that has accumulated throughout the week.
3. I use a dry piece of fabric and dust out my handbags and store them properly in their area.
4. I check my makeup drawer and nail polish box and see whether it has gotten messy or dirty, and I reorganize it if I feel I need to.
5. I take out the shoes I wore during the week and let them air throughout the night.
6. I check my wardrobe for clothes that should be washed, and I refold anything that is not really neatly placed.
7. I check my jewelry collection and put everything I wore in the right container.

I know it seems like a lot to do, but it just makes me feel very happy to see everything I love so neat and clean, and I bet it will make many others feel the same way.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Current Top 3 To Purchase Perfumers

I feel like ever since I got Tom Ford's Violet Blonde, I've changed, and my taste in perfumes might have changed along. I used to be content wearing only Lola by Marc Jacobs, which is still a perfume that I adore, however, now I feel like I want 5 more perfumes to have and to wear. Now I can truly say that I cannot wait to build my perfume collection. And some of the ones I know I want to add to my collection are:

1. Guerlain Shalimar Initial
     Top Notes are bergamot, orange, and green notes
     Middle Notes are vetiver, iris, jasmine, patchouli, and rose
     Base Notes are musk, tonka bean, vanilla, and caramel

2. YSL Cinema
     Top Notes are clementine, cyclamen, and almond blossom
     Middle Notes are peony, amaryllis, and jasmine
     Base Notes are amber, benzoin, white must, and vanilla

3. Carolina Herrera CH (the red one)
     Top Notes are bergamot, grapefruit, amalfi lemon, tropical fruit, and water notes
     Middle Notes are jasmine, African orange flower, cinnamon, rose, and praline
     Base Notes are sandalwood, patchouli, cashmere wood, Virginia cedar, musk, suede, and amber

I used to get the notes for you. And I have noticed that all of these fragrances are somewhat similar, one way or another!
And I used Google images as well.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mind Blowing Product #2: April Instant Nail Polish Remover (אפריל מסיר לק מהיר Israeli Product)

The task of removing nail polish is one that I personally dread, and I assume I'm not the only one who hates removing nail polish. I usually buy the regular ones you apply on a cotton pad and wipe off your nail polish with, and I use acetone free nail polish remover for cream finishes and nail polish remover with acetone for my glittery ones.

So I went to an Israeli store called April (one of my new favorite stores of the country), and I wanted to buy yet another one of the regular ones, and that was until I spotted a different kind of nail polish remover. The kind we're talking about looks like a big plastic jar with two massive sponges cut in half to fill the jar, and these sponges are soaked with nail polish remover. What you need to do to remove your polish is to dip your finger in it for about 3-5 seconds, and when you take it out, your nail polish should be removed. The idea of it seemed much easier than the good old polish remover I used to use, and I decided to purchase it.

Honestly, I did expect it to work, just not nearly as good as it did. It is amazing. I have the acetone free version, and it works phenomenally well on cream finishes, and even if you have red toned polishes that seem to stain your whole finger while removing it, this nail polish remover won't allow that to happen.

It is also very comfortable to use as you can easily slide your finger in and out of it without any sort of trouble, it is just like sliding in in and out of wet sponges, and that is exactly what you do, technically speaking. If you have tiny fingers like I do, you can easily and very comfortably push your nails against the sponge and your nail polish will come off in literally 3 seconds. I usually remove my nails with it while I'm in bed half asleep!

Now if you think you can use this to remove glittery nail polishes or textured finishes like the OPI liquid sands, then you'll be disappointed. Now remember, this does not have any acetone in it, so don't expect it to be a miracle worker.
Another disadvantage is that this cannot be used for toenails. I mean, try to imagine dipping each toe individually in this plastic jar type of container, it just wont work.

Lastly, I will recommend that if you do get this nail polish remover or any other polish remover with a similar concept, clean your hands before using it, and regarldless to that, do not share it with anyone else.

(Pictures will either be installed on Saturday night or on Sunday)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delicious and Simple Breakfast: Asparagus Recipe

I was a person who never thought asparagus was delicious, and that was all before I tried this recipe.

The ingredients you'll need are:
250 grams of asparagus
A middle sized onion
2 eggs
Salt to the taste
Black pepper to the taste
Olive Oil

First thing you should do is wash the asparagus and chop it ind a fine-medium manner. Then you put the asparagus aside, take the onion and chop it into very fine pieces two. Then you go ahead and put the onions in a pan with a bit of olive oil. when the oil heats up, add the onions and roast it until it turns into a golden color.
After the onions are all golden and delightful, add the asparagus, the salt and pepper, and roast them together  on lower heat until the asparagus get even more green.
Then, add  the eggs and start mixing them together until the eggs are done.
And voila, you've got one of the absolute tastiest yet healthy breakfasts.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

YouTube Valentine Week #3: HannaGeorgina24

We're on day 3, and for today's Share the Love, we have a very underrated YouTuber, Hannah, one of my very first YouTuber loves, and one that I still love just the same if not more.

Hannah, if you're watching this, congratulations on reaching 10,000 subscribers, and I hope that you'll reach 10 million ones in no time! And yeah, I love you!

So Hannah is one of those young ladies with a good eye for what's good and what's luxurious, she always looks so soft and youthful. She is more of a beauty guru than a lifestyle person on her YouTube channel, but I feel like she mixes things up in her blog. One of the things I love most about her is how gorgeous she always looks, makeup, hair, what she seems to wear, everything about her screams elegance. Her videos usually cover a wide variety of products, so you'd rarely see her review only one product, but she tends to do several tutorials and GRWM type of videos, which are always great to watch. I do not feel like she's a makeup hoarder, but everything she seems to own is always top-notch fabulous.

She is one of the more direct and straightforward people I watch, and that is amazing. I feel like she's serious about what she does, and I feel like I can trust her opinion on beauty related things! In terms of her skincare routine, I always feels like she knows how to deal with the fact that she's too young for heavy anti-aging stuff, but she needs to take care of her skin and prevent or delay the aging process, she's always on top of her game, and I love it! Overall, I think that Hannah is stunning, very directional, has amazing taste, and knows how to apply makeup like a pro! And she wears Lola, Marc Jacobs perfume that I love, gotta give her extra credit for that!

And here are some of my favorite videos of hers:

And here's a link to her blog:

If you love Hannah, like myself, please share this post so that hopefully she'll read this and know that I love her!
And Hannah, if you find this post, I'd love to see even more GRWM and tutorials. And I hope you don't mind me posting some of your videos here, I just want to share the reasons why I think you're fabulous! XO

Movies Week #6: 5 Great Thrillers

Personally, I am a sucker for a good thriller. I like ones that aren't insanely sci-fi, but I love a good twist at the end, some fresh idea that I may have not necessarily considered, and one that wasn't too obvious. And as always, I'll start with my favorite.

1. Orphan (2009): When people adopt a kid, they shouldn't expect him/er to be perfect,  but there are lines in which no one must cross. A couple adopt a girl, and they welcome her in their home and treat her wonderfully. But sometimes there's more to a kid that meets the eye.
This movie features Vera Farmiga, Peter Sargaard, and some more.

Orphan (2009) Poster

2. Identity (2004): What happens when the past is mixed with the present, and what becomes of people with identity disorders. Where's the limit between reality and imagination. How do we tell the difference, and how do we know what is real and what is not. This is a very interesting must watch for all of us thriller junkies.
This movie features John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and some more.

Identity (2003) Poster

3. Godsend (2004): When people's agony becomes other people's triumph, and when this agony is used to repair someone else's misfortune, this is a recipe for a good thriller. When a child is lost, can it be replaced? Should it be replaced? This is what you're about to find out in this great thriller.
This movie features Robert DeNiro, Greg Kinnear, and some more.

Godsend (2004) Poster

4. Passengers (2008): Life after death may just be another life, but how do we tell the difference, how does one  know that s/he is dead? This may be a movie that talks about life after death, but it might just simply be life.
This movie features Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, and some others.

Passengers (2008) Poster

5. The Forgotten (2004): Even though this is too sci-fi for my liking, I still think this is a great movie. One day, a woman wakes up to a world where a huge portion of her past was completely deleted, people she thought she knew didn't recognize her, and the family she thought she had never existed. She is on her own trying to get her life back in a world where no one believes her. A great movie indeed.
This movie features Julianne Moore, Dominic West, and some others.

The Forgotten (2004) Poster

Pictures aren't my own, nor do I claim that they are.

YouTube Valentine Week #2: EssieButton

We're one day closer to Valentine, and we're adding another person to this YouTubers love series. And for today, we have another gooooorgeous young woman whom I'm sure we all know! Beautiful Estee, how can we not love her.

Again, Essie, if you're watching this, you should know that those videos of yours are so uplifting, you're one of the funniest people I watch, and I hope that one day we will know each other, because truth is you are one of my favorite people in this whole wider world!

So, guys, just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the stunning lady we're talking about today, Estee is a beauty and fashion YouTuber and Blogger, and much more! Her videos are like the perfect dessert, they're not too sweet, not too frosty, they're juuust right! Her taste in everything is really beautiful, I personally have a thing for her hair! I think that she does a really great job at combining high end and drugstore, and that I think is one of the things that set her apart from many YouTubers I watch. She also started a Vlogging channel not so long ago, which I'll link later on.

I think my favorite EssieButton videos are her GRWM, but I also looove her Brand Focus, her monthly favorites, her Tag videos, and whenever she does collaborations with other YouTubers. She also does some really fun non-beauty favorites, and sometimes she has her boyfriend do some videos with her too, and her beautiful dog! I think her videos are very genuine, you really get a feel of who she really is, which is not always the case with many YouTubers. Not to mention the fact that she manages to make a point with some unconventional comparisons or associations, and I love it when she goes her own way describing things, she makes me laugh but she also manages to be be very comprehensive too! In short, you're up to a load of entertainment and useful knowledge all in the same time!

Her blog is also very well written and looks really clean. Her posts are obviously written by her, but somehow even though reading her blog is one of my favorite things to do, I'd rather listen to her and watch her rather than read! But I am still a subscriber, and I dont let a post go by without reading it!

So here are some of my favorite EssieButton videos:

And here's a link to her blog as well as her vlogging channel:

If you love EssieButton like me, please share this post so that hopefully she'll read this and know that people from the Holy Land really really love her!
Oh and Estee, if you find this post, you've just made my day. And I hope you don't mind me posting some of your videos here, I just want to share the reasons why I think you're awesome! XOXO

Movies Week #5: Best 15Romantic Comidies

I am not a massive fan of romantic comedies, but when I do like a good one every now and again. Now I think that there are more romantic comedies than there needs to be, but I guess that's what people enjoy the most, and it does give that satisfying feeling at the end! So lets get started with my favorite Romcom ever!

1. You've Got Mail (1998): Meg Ryan is arguably the cutest woman on earth! And I must say  that any combination of Tom Hanks and her seems to work splendidly! So in this movie, Meg owns a small bookstore that goes bankrupt thanks to a bigger bookstore that opens right across the street from it. And around that time she starts chatting with some guy on an internet chat up line, and they decide to meet, but its complicated, funny, heartwarming, just incredible. If you're feeling down and in need of a quick pick me up kinda movie, look no further, this is the one, the one and only!
This movie features Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, and some others.

You've Got Mail (1998) Poster

2. While You Were Sleeping (1995): As a massive Sandra Bullock fan, I must say that this is one of her best of the best. While You Were Sleeping talks about a lonely girl who rescues a man who then goes unconscious, she pretends to be his fiance for a while, then she practically falls in love with the family as well as the family falls for her. This is such a fun watch, highly highly recommended, and in the world of Hollywood romcoms, Sandra is a queen.
This movie features Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, and some others.

While You Were Sleeping (1995) Poster

3. Something's Gotta Give (2003): What can be sweeter than seeing two "older" people fall in love? Not to mention, Diane Keaton is practically the prettiest "older" woman I've ever seen, well not as pretty as my grandmothers, but close! So Diane Keaton is this playwright who has been divorced for a while, and whose daughter comes home with a much older guy, Jack Nicholson, yeah, that same brilliant Jack! So Jack starts having some health issues and he is forced to stay in bed for some time, and during that time Diane and Jack get to know each other, and then they say goodbye, etc etc. They kind of fall for each other, but Jack refuses to admit that to himself for a while, and in short, this is a great movie. No more spoilers!
This movie features Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and some others

Something's Gotta Give (2003) Poster 

4. As Good  As It Gets (1997): Jack Nicholson, again, is a guy with OCD or something, and he meets a single mom waitress who happens to be the gorgeous Helen Hunt (MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!), and they change each other's lives! So beautiful you need to see it 10 times in a row!
This movie features Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and some others!

As Good as It Gets (1997) Poster

5. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001): What's a good romcom recommendation without Woody Allen! So Woody Allen and Helen Hunt are coworkers who cannot stand each other, and then they go to a restaurant and get hypnotized by a magician, and the magician starts calling them and making them steal for him. This is one of the funniest of these recommendations for sure!
This movie features Helen Hunt, Woody Allen, and some others!

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) Poster 

6. Love Potion No. 9 (1992): Another one of Sandra's bests is this. Sandra is a biologist who has no time to look after herself, she is not that charming in conversations, and she has almost a nonexistent love life. So she gets her hands on this magic potion that turns things upside down, and her coworker and her end up falling in love!
This movie features Sandra Bullock, Tate Donovan, and some others.

Love Potion No. 9 (1992) Poster

7. Big Momma's House (2000): Martin is a legendary comedian indeed. If you're up to a little bit of soft slapstick mixed with getting dressed up and all that jazz, then you're on the right track if you decide to watch this one! So an officer undercover pretends to big a big fat woman in order to catch a criminal, and its funny and some complications happen and love happens and you have to watch it!
This movie features Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, and some others.

Big Momma's House (2000) Poster

8. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993): Robin Williams is also a comedy star! So in this movie, he tries to fight for custody rights of his kids while pretending to be an old female housekeeper in his own house. He learns how to be responsible, and he teaches others how to be fun and yet tolerant. This is a classic, a must watch indeed!
This movie features Robin Williams, Sally Field, and some other.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Poster

9. Moonstruck (1987): A true romcom indeed. A woman who is engaged to a "boring" man falls for his brother, and its crazy and beautiful and its a must watch! Plus, Cher is stunning... UGH!
This movie features Cher, Nicolas Cage, and some others.

Moonstruck (1987) Poster

10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002): A true Cinderella type of movie where the woman turns from ugly to beautiful for the opportunity of love! My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the loveliest movie that introduces culture clashes in such a lightweight and comic way. Two different people meet, fall in love, their families meet, some funny things happen, and its just all funny and cute!
This movie features Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and some others.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Poster 

11. Meet the Parents (2000): A classic indeed! when parents are about to meet the man who'll turn their daughter from a woman to a wife, nothing needs to happen, but when they do, they make sure you realize it. Very sweet and funny, a must watch, definitely.
This movie features Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, and some others.

Meet the Parents (2000) Poster

12. Big Daddy (1999): When a child enters somebody's life, s/he will turn it upside down. For a start, a man with a little boy is one of the most appealing sights to any woman looking for a serious commitment, and a child should make a person more responsible. How will a child affect the life of Adam Sandler, and how will it affect his romantic life, I will not tell you how, because you should go watch it instead.
This movie features Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, and some others.

Big Daddy (1999) Poster

13. What Women Want (2000): Another great Helen Hunt movie with the astonishing Mel Gibson. So both Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt work in an advertisement company, and obviously, there's always competition among coworkers. Then on one fine night, Mel Gibson gets electrocuted, and the result is that he gained a supernatural power of hearing what goes on in any woman's mind. Is it a blessing or a curse, well watch it and find out!
This Movie Features Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, and some others.

What Women Want (2000) Poster

14. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999): A light high school kind of movie is a must have in a romcom movie recommendations, I think. I also believe that this is the best high school movie recommendation there is. So an unconventional and misinterpreted boy is paid to take an unconventional and misunderstood girl, but this set up might be the best thing that happened to both the guy and the girl.
This movie features Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and some others.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Poster

15. My Best Friend's Wedding (1997): You don't know how much someone or something means to you until you either lose partially or completely. That is what happened to Julia Roberts when she found out that her friend is engaged, she found out she loves him. Will she decide on telling him and break his engagement off, or not? Lets find out!
This movie features Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and some others.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) Poster
16. Two Weeks Notice (2002): An honest lawyer who wants to work for the community finds herself working for a company whose priorities are very different than her own finds herself torn, on the one hand, she feels like she fell in love with her boss, but on the other hand, what about her standards and priorities! But all of this is filmed in such a light and cheerful way, its funny and perfect!
This movie features Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, and some others.

Two Weeks Notice (2002) Poster


And my obsession with OPI In True Stefani Style glitter polish continues, grows, and here I am declaring to the world that I am truly, deeply, and madly in love with it.

For this mani, I obviously used OPI In True Stefani Style, which I highly recommend, and I applied it over a french-mani type of polish, which is Ga-de's nail enamel in 312 Bridal Rose, and I did so on my thumb, index, and middle finger. And then I went and applied an opaque nail color on my ring finger and my baby finger or pinkie, and color is the beautiful Ga-de nail enamel in 822 Rhodolite Garnet.

Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail Polish in 312 Bridal Glow is an ideal color for french manicure, it is a kind of transparent pink nude, and it is almost invisible once it dries. It makes a beautiful base for glitter polish especially if you prefer not to apply it straight on your nails.

Opi In True Stefani Style is a clear based glitter polish with some big and little silver glitter that as I explained in my REAL PRETTY MANI #1, reflects light in a very crystal-like way, pretty much like a rainbow. Once it dries, it doesn't feel smooth, hence the shimmers, but it is not nearly as awkward as OPI liquid sand polishes or    Ga-de's Chrystallic Matte Nail Colors are. The shimmer can be applied lightly or heavily as well, it depends on your preferences, the number of coats you apply, and whether you wipe the brush on the tip of the bottle or not. I don't wipe the brush at all, and I only use one coat, and that is the result I get and love.

Lastly, Ga-de Crystal Glow nail enamel in 822 Rhodolite Garnet os a beautiful metallic glitter with almost undetectable super fine pink shimmer. It is truly beautiful, glossy, and it is a beautiful shade to wear during the winter. It is one of the more opaque polishes, and many might find that one coat of it is enough, but when it comes to color polishes, I say two coats seal the deal!

And here we have it, ladies, a real pretty mani. Enjoy the following pictures!

Friday, February 7, 2014

YouTube Valentine Week #1: Lily Pebbles

Valentines is almost here, and I decided to dedicate this week to my favorite YouTube channels and blogs! And no, Valentine doesn't exclude any kind of love that is not the kind between couples, its just an occasion to share any kind of love you can think of, and to tell people you love that you love them!

Love you mom!

ANYWAY, I usually love starting with favorites, and this time, I struggled! But, truth is (embarrassing story time!), I had a dream of meeting Lily Pebbles, and I never dream of YouTubers, so I took it as a sign! I'm not going to share the details of the dream, because sadly, they're all blurry. Anyway, so here you go, Lily, if you happen to find this post, then I'm the luckiest girl ever, and I think you're amazing!

So guys listen, Lily is a beauty blogger and a YouTuber, her blog is AH-MAZING, she writes in a very comprehensive manner, and it makes you lose track of time because she is so interesting! Her videos are well edited, right to the point, clear, and you can tell that there's a lot of effort put into it as well as thought, it is truly a wonderful thing to watch. I admit, I love the Lily-Anna friendship, and I adore the Lily-Anna-Amelia friendship too! In my opinion, if you're looking for a really good person to watch, look no further, Lily is one of the best of the best! And what makes it even better is that she loves plummy makeup too!

She also does Beauty Talks with Anna, and these videos are seriously the HIGHLIGHT of the month for me. Not to mention, Lily and Anna also did a blogger/YouTuber starter series! They're really sweet! And when she vlogs... UGH they're some of my favorite things to watch! And when she does videos with her boyfriend, they're always so pleasant to watch and these two are so incredibly cute together! I wish I knew Lily, I truly do! Oh, and her GRWM videos are also amazing! I must have forgotten another type of thing that she does, but just go to her channel and her blog and see for yourself, she's adorable.

So, here are some my favorite videos of hers:

And here's a link to her blog:

If you love Lily Pebbles like I do, please share this post so that hopefully she'll read this and know that even people who live in Nazareth absolutely love her :)
And Lily, if you find this post, please vlog more often. And I hope you don't mind me posting some of your videos here, I just want to share the reasons why I think you're great! XO

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Movies Week #4: Family Movies I Adore

Yes, there is a child within each and every adult. There is a child that loves movies that talk about children, and I honestly love these type of movies, and I will watch them any time, anywhere, and for any reason. Now I since a week is made out of 7 days, minus Sunday which is my weekend, I cannot do 25 best family movies, so I decided to do top fine, and as I did with my top 25 movies, I'll start with my ultimate favorite!

1. Flipped (2010): This is the sweetest movie that addresses children love, it is most likely the sweetest most heartwarming movie ever, and the book is even better! The movie has a unique kind of structure, it is has a twist on chronological order, as for each event, we have two sides, the girl's and the boy's, and how each one experienced that event and how it made each one feel. I cannot recommend it enough, if you haven't seen this yet, stop reading this post and watch it now! (Little Manhattan is a great movie that's similar to Flipped, but I still prefer Flipped)
This movie features Madelline Carrol, Callan Mcauliffe, and some others.

Flipped (2010) Poster

2. Harriet the Spy (1996): Oh dear lord of movies, this is one of your best productions. If you as a child loved imagining stories, writing, spying on people, making up some secrets and keeping them, then this movie is specifically for YOU! Harriet is a lovely little girl with a notebook of observations/secrets/opinions, and she does not know the damage her judgmental notebook can cause until she experiences it first hand. This is a movie about acceptance, friendship, family ties, and the effect of family absence and how it can drive kids to extremes they better not have explored. Overall, this stunning masterpiece is a must watch.
This movie features Michelle Trachtenberg, Rosie O'Donnel, and some others.

Harriet the Spy (1996) Poster

3. Matilda (1996): Absolutely stunning, it addresses the issues of super natural powers, which is a fascinating thing to many children, in such a beautiful way, a harmless way, which I think is great. So Matilda is this genius little girl with parents who are too busy living their twisted manipulative lives to notice that she really is special. Her supernatural powers are just as superior as her intelligence, as she teaches herself math, reading, science, anything at all. Then she goes to a school where the principal is basically a cruel hateful woman, but luckily, her teacher is so sweet that it almost makes up for the cruelty of the principal. I don't want to spoil the movie any longer, so I urge all of you to go ahead and watch this movie, it is beautiful.
This movie features Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, and some others.

Matilda (1996) Poster

4. My Girl (1991): LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. The actress is literally the sweetest ever! So this movie talks about a girl who lost her mom, and her father runs a funeral house, so there are always corpses around! She also has a friend who loves her so much, and who once asked her to marry him if she ended up not marrying her teacher whom she has a major crush on. SO SWEET! And then her dad starts dating, she starts to get puberty signs, she goes through loss yet once again, and so on. This movie breaks my heart, but leaves it feeling so uplifted at the same time, it is marvelous!
This movie features Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Chulkin, and some others.

My Girl (1991) Poster

5. That Night (1992): I'm telling you, this thing is a masterpiece! A young girl becomes obsessed with her glamorous neighbor who is not the ideal type of girl to befriend according to parents. The glamorous neighbor falls for the "wrong guy", she starts going out with him, which was unacceptable during the times the movie was set in, and eventually she gets pregnant and is sent to a house for unmarried pregnant girls. The young neighbor become the only way to help this glamorous wild girl, and that is exactly what she does. Such a good movie indeed!
This movie features Juliette Lewis, Helen Shaver, and some others.

That Night (1992) Poster 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Movies Week #3: 25 Favorite Movies

So, this week I decided to do something different in this blog, I decided to talk about movies. So I've already discussed the first two parts of them, which I'll link the first one here and the second one here. So, without any further ado, lets continue!

21. The Last Castle (2001): Prisoners try to fight back the corrupt system of a high security kind of prison.
This movie features James Gandolfini, Robert Redford, and some others.

The Last Castle (2001) Poster

22. Gran Torino (2008): An old widower finds it hard to get along with his neighbors, until he gets forced to interact with some of them. In spite of his seemingly stubbornness, he develops a level of fondness of them, as he starts to defend and protect them.
This movie features Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, and some others.

Gran Torino (2008) Poster

23. Freak City (1999): A young woman goes through an accident and gets physically injured and disables, and as a result she gets admitted in a health facility institutions, and she starts bonding and forming relationships with the patients there.
This movie features Amanda Mathis, Natalie Cole, and some others.

Freak City (1999) Poster

24. Wicker  Park (2004): A woman tries to prevent the man she loves from meeting the with a woman he doesn't really know, but is obsessed with.
This movie features Josh Harnett, Diane Kruger, and Rose Byrne.

Wicker Park (2004) Poster

25. The Machinist (2004): A man becomes insomniac after he accidentally hits and kills a woman and her child, and as a result to not sleeping, he starts hallucinating, and those hallucinations out as if they were happening in reality.