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Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs: #5 Les Gris

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs: #5 Les Gris

Les Gris is the first eyeshadow quad that I ever got, and it was the first out of three quads from the same line, which I think is still going to grow. This quad consists of four cool colors that are versatile and can make a daytime look and a nighttime look as well. 
the four colors in this quad are as follows: 

  1. Metallic silver that may seem like a not-so-wearable color, but it has definitely grown in me, and I have come to really enjoy this as a nighttime going out color.
  2. The middle top color is a pale taupe that I like to use all over the lid as a base to neutralize any redness and hide the darkness.
  3. The middle bottom is a fabulous teal blue color that runs a little frosty, it is great both as a daytime color accent, or a liner, and a nighttime color. This is definitely my second favorite color in this quad. 
  4. On the left there is a dark grey that looks a little dusky if built up but truly gorgeous, and this is, without a doubt, my very favorite color in the quad.
As I mentioned the first quad that caught my attention, and it definitely started my love affair with Guerlain shadows. I have to say that since I don't like silver, it was a bit of a debate to get the whole quad, because I would have hoped to buy a quad that I completely adored each and every color of it. But the more you play with it, you certainly find multiple ways to wear the quad and to make use out of each and every color.

The texture of this line is fabulously buttery. the pigmentation is divine, especially with darker colors like the blue, the silver,  and the grey. The Taupe is pigmented enough to function as a wonderful base but not shimmery or highlighting enough to be used a highlight in the inner corner where you would like to bring more light to your eyes, but I still won't put a metallic silver in that area because I feel it is overpowering and I would rather have the outer corner/v as the main focus of the look rather than the inner corner.
In terms of longevity, this formula lasts for an entire day. I don't use primer, but I don't have oily lids. I do believe this would last a good time on oily lids, and I think it would last an entire day with primer, however, I don't have experience with oily lids, nor with primers, so don't quote me on that
I haven't experienced any noticeable fallout with this quad, not with any of the colors in it. However, and just to be safe, I do think that the best way to cancel out any application imperfection is to use a highlighting concealer after applying the shadows, such as Guerlain's Precious Light.
As a girl who didn't use eyeshadow brushes for a while, simply because I had to expand my collection with more products and colors, I think that it is rather easy to use the sponge tip applicators provided in the pallet. These colors are really easy to apply and blend, the pointy applicator is great for liners as well.

Pictures are attached down below:

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