Monday, February 18, 2013

An Everlasting Journey of Self Discovery (A poem I wrote)

Start all over again,
A new poem, a new line,
Another muse out of ashes,
Roaming the skies like a phoenix. 
Time to rebuild, reconstruct,
Gather my shattered soul, 
And recreate an identity, a being. 
No more your vision in me, 
No more asking you who
I am and what should I be.
This time I will be my own master,
And maid, and even caster.
Fly or dive, run or crawl, 
But never to sink, never to stop.
Tis but my limitless mind, 
This endless journey of self discovery,
Is but a constant change and rediscovery,
Growth and development, seeking fulfillment,
My soul is starved, it's not an ailment.
I shall embrace my potentials,
And they shall always run faster, and faster,
Challenging me on the verge of an unaccomplished disaster. 
I'll get better, I promise, and ever better,
For I am a young soul,
And no undiscovered distant sky,
Beyond mine, and your horizon,
Can ever be my paralyzing border.

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