Monday, February 18, 2013

If I May (A poem I wrote)

Let me read your palm,
You, who overthrew me with charm,
I promise it won't be of any harm,
Even if it would, I will never leave your arm.

Let me analyze your dreams,
Maybe it is not what its seems,
I'll address it with your favorite themes,
And I'll impress you with my schemes.

Let me predict your future,
And drop all the ideas of torture,
And rebuild it with a whole new structure,
Then promote you with the greatest stature.

Let me talk to your child,
The one whom in the wilderness died,
I'll talk to him, you won't be beguiled,
I'll talk to him, if that will make you mild.

I don’t know of magic, nor superstition,
And I don’t work for the opposition,
I'm just your friend who fills the position
Of a lover, and a god in addition. 

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