Saturday, August 3, 2013

Which Hakuhodo Brushes?????

Hey there!

So I need a little help! I've been considering getting some Hakuhodu brushes, bearing in mind that I literally have two brushes in my brush collection (BEGINNER), and the brushes I have are quite nice, the Mac 187 and the Dior Cheek Brush! Now I am interested in small blush brushes, and one that can apply cream blush, and it should be small too because the cream blush that I have is the YSL one with a small pan. So, basically I want two small blush brushes and one cream blush brush. I am interested in getting two different brushes, either j210, or 210, or J4003! Which two would you recommend, or do you have other recommendations that I should look into?

Now for Eyeshadow brushes, I am pretty much clueless! There are over 100 brushes on the web, and I dont know what I need! I know that I want a brush to smudge out pencil liners, two blending brush of different sizes, 2 shading brushes of different sizes, and the outer v brush, as well as a small detail brush for inner corner, and a gel liner brush, very fine and precise because thick lines kinda look scary on me! I could use one that works well on cream eyeshadows and bases two, but I am more concerned about the powder eyeshadows and the pencil smudging brush. I have done my research as usual, but there are just way too many options, and I thought that whoever checks this post may have more knowledge than I do, SO, please help me!

I dont do my brows, nor do I apply my lipstick with a brush, so I will skip on that.

Now if I have a budget of 350 US dollars, which brushes should I get??
Obviously you dont have to give me all the answers, just some recommendations about some of the brushes I'm looking for will do!

Have a great day, and may you have the right answers for a clueless young lady like me :D

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