Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rimmel Apcalips

After months of being curious about them,I have just purchased two of the Apocalips lip lacquers to try out. Yes I have heard endless raves, and none of the reviews I heard or read were negative, but so was the case with the Revlon LipButters which I completely hated. But there was a sale and I decided that I should probably try some. So I purchased two, Big Bang and Out of This World. I am dying to get my hands on Galaxy, but at least I will know whether I like them or not. I will be doing a full review late on, but for now, I thought I should share some swatches, because WHY NOT!

So here are what those infamous lacquers look like:

Big Band is on top, Out of this world is at the bottom

Now into the swatches:

Left-Right: Out of this World, Big Bang

Big Bang:

Out of This World:

Initially speaking, I love the packaging, the pigmentation, the applicator, but the smell bothers me, it reminds me of the YSL Volupte lipsticks' scent, which I hate, but this one is a little better. I am not sure about anything else other than the fact that the smell is a little off-putting, but I will clarify all the other element when I get to try both colors.

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