Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips, Are You That Amazing?

If you reached this Blog Post, you must have heard about the infamous Apocalips by Rimmel. I dont know what you've heard, but it must have been something great. 
Now I'm going to start out by saying that this is certainly not a bad product, but it is not amazing either. I am actually considering comparing them to the YSL Glossy Stains, but that's still just a thought that needs execution.

Anyway, in order to make it quick and easy, I better get started:

  • In terms of packaging, its absolutely lovely, very handbag friendly, lightweight, and quite pretty. The closure is also secure enough to put it in your handbag without having to worry about it whatsoever.
  • In terms of application, I like the concept of the hole inside the actual applicator, but I would have preferred a more triangular tip, just to be more precise. I like that its quite thin, but its just the very tip I don't quite like. It's not the easiest to apply, but its not bad.
  • In terms of how it feels, it is neither hydrating nor drying. It feels like it just sits on top of your lips waiting for a new surface to transfer on.
  • In terms of the scent and taste of the lipstick, there is a very understated scent, and hardly and flavor. I don't think it'll be offensive even to those of you who are quite sensitive to scents.
  • In terms of pigmentation, its oh so pigmented, spot on. Well, I did try a pink and a red, after all!
  • In terms of transference, it transfers easily on any surface, and it wont leave a very noticeable stain.  
  • In terms of longevity, well they made it sound like it's going to last for an entire decade on your lips, but it kind of lasted like a regular lipstick would, nothing more of that, but certainly nothing short as well. I actually think that a regular lipstick will stain your lips way better than these.
  • Lastly, the color selection is not that extensive, but then again it's relatively new, and I think many more will be coming sooner than we anticipate.

In conclusion, this is quite a nice product, but its just nothing special. I am not disappointed because the product is bad, I'm just a little let down because of all the hype. It's not the first liquid lipstick that we see, and its not the first drugstore one neither, it lasts fairly long, but nothing longer than a regular pigmented lipstick. It's OK, but I am not blown away by it. However, it did not turn me off of using them like the case with the Revlom lip butters which I couldn't stand, and I still want to get my hands on Galaxy.

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