Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Night Beauty & Organization Ritural

I am one of those people who work on Saturdays, but when I get back home, I like to do some things to prepare for a pampering day/night Sunday bath. I do not take a bath on Saturday, I just prepare myself for it. And here's what I do.

1. The first thing I do is remove my nail polish and give my hands a good wash afterwards. I might cut my nails because I prefer short nails, but sometimes I just feel like growing them for another week.
2. I remove my jewelry and then remove my makeup, and concentrate more makeup remover on my neck, shoulders, and chest.
3. Then I change into some comfy pj's and hit the sink to cleanse my face twice with whatever cleanser I am currently using. And I exfoliate my lips in between the two cleanses, basically I cleanse once, dry my face, exfoliate again, and go back and double cleanse.
4. I go back to my room and use my toner, and I also concentrate more on my neck that I usually would.
5. I apply my face and eye serums and again, I pay special attention to my neck.
6. I apply my moisturizer and lip balm.
7. I brush my hair.
8. I apply a bit of Vaseline on my cuticles and feel, I put on some socks, and after 5-10 minutes, I go and wash my hands.
9. I just apply some hand cream!

After I've prepped my skin, I start cleaning organizing everything I used.
1. I deep clean my brushes.
2. I empty all my handbags and throw out the junk that has accumulated throughout the week.
3. I use a dry piece of fabric and dust out my handbags and store them properly in their area.
4. I check my makeup drawer and nail polish box and see whether it has gotten messy or dirty, and I reorganize it if I feel I need to.
5. I take out the shoes I wore during the week and let them air throughout the night.
6. I check my wardrobe for clothes that should be washed, and I refold anything that is not really neatly placed.
7. I check my jewelry collection and put everything I wore in the right container.

I know it seems like a lot to do, but it just makes me feel very happy to see everything I love so neat and clean, and I bet it will make many others feel the same way.

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