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Guide To Longest Days Of The Week Makeup (Guide to Long Lasting Makeup)

This is a long post to read without a good drink, so before you proceed, grab a cup of tea or something!

I have days during the week when I work for an average of 10 hours, some people might think its ordinary, others might think its' extreme, but to each his own, and lets be real, these are the happiest bank days! One thing I worry about during those days is looking presentable all day long, and making sure that even if I get tired, I look alert and ready to take over the world! And I have found that this concern can be translated into two "beauty techniques".

How to make it last as long as I still have things to do.
The answer is simple. Prime and seal. I use both facial primers and eye primers. Another great thing is everything that claims, and in your experience, has proved to be long lasting.
But first, make sure that your skin has been taken care of, clean and moisturized.

Facial primers are you saviors at times like this. Use a facial primer that tackles your concerns, because every primer does a couple specific things, some blur pores, others illuminate, others control oil, etc. Your skin is your guide, what doesnt please you can be fixed with the right skincare products and a great primer.

Afterwards, I recommend concealing before applying foundation. Let them blend together instead of having your concealer sitting on top and not really "colliding" with your foundation. I am not a makeup artist or expert, but my experience is the only thing I can share, and this has proved to work better for me.

When you apply your foundation, regardless of the tool you are using, remember to press it with your own hands, no sweeping motion needed, just a lot of pressing.

Finishing powder is a must as well, your liquids need to come in contact with a powder product for them to really sit and stay where they are. Use a powder that is not insanely shimmery, I will explain why later!

Now in terms of your eyes, even if you are not wearing any eye makeup, using a flesh toned primer is important. Not only does it cancel out any discoloration on your lids, but it also helps deal with the natural oils your lids produce. But of course if you want to use eyeshadows, it will also help them from creasing.

And if you're using eyeshadows, another step that you might consider is a long lasting cream base, be it in the form of a pencil or actual cream eyeshadows like Mac painpots, Maybelline color tattoos, etc.

As for your lashes, if you dont have problems with mascara transfers or flaking, then use your regular mascara like you would normally do. But if you do have mascara problems, you might want to consider using a waterproof one.

Another good readily available tool is tissue paper to blot your face during the day. Even if your skin isnt oily, blotting is another way of pressing too!

One last tip if you're concerned with longevity problems, never apply a product you've never used yourself on a long day, unless you are willing to risk a possible recipe for disaster!

How To Make Your Makeup Almost Unnoticeable So That Nobody Will Know It's Fading.
You know, sometimes your makeup just doesn't want to sit all day long, sometimes it just wants to fade! It happens. But there are ways to camouflage rebellious makeup. Think of your makeup as an iguana walking on a brick wall! If the bricks are gray and your iguana is blue, we will be able to see it moving. But if it is as close of a shade to the brick wall, it can move around unnoticed! The secret to good looking faded makeup is the neutral skin toned matte one. Lets go further into detail and explain why!

Shimmer is your number one enemy. Shimmer will either fall on your face and transfer, and you know, shimmer doesn't hide, it shines! Or it will stay in place while the color has faded, and it'll look like you've applied glitter on some areas of your face, like you would a disco ball! So why risk it? just stay clear from glitters and go all matte or at best satin! Do I need to talk about glitter? NO!

Now color is another enemy, but its equally harmful on all areas on the face. Colorful eyeshadow is the worst of all color evils. Even the best eyeshadow primer and the best color base wont guarantee your eye makeup to look as fresh as it used to be when you first apply it. And again, if the color you can see in its original intended place starts moving, it'll attract eyes, we will notice it first! But if you apply a color similar to your skin tone, it wont be visible enough to see it moving around!

If you opt for a liner, it must be either waterproof, or long lasting, and either ways, it needs to be tried and tested by you yourself and not me telling you this or any other blogger. You should also seal your liner by using a shadow of that same color. Lets say you had a cat eye on, seal your liner with matte black eyeshadow, remember, east, west, matte is the best! And if you still want to incorporate color to your eye look, apply it in the most minimal way possible, I recommend a liner in your waterline. Again, it must be waterproof, not according to what the package says, but based on your own experience. At the end of the eyeshadow paragraph, I must emphasize one thing, keep it simple!

For mascara, I've already covered everything I need to talk about earlier.

Now lets talk about your cheeks. From personal experience, I have noticed that some blushes are longer lasting than others. I can name Tom ford and Nars blushes as representatives and owners of the long lasting blush club. But this doesn't meant that if you use them you will be safe, and again, I am not promoting any products in this post, I am just writing from experience. If you find a blush line that you tried and trusted, these blushes are what I think you should wear during your longest days of the week! I also like matte blushes because again they can fade without leaving shimmer behind, and also natural shades. But with blush even a highly pigmented blush can be applied naturally. If a blush isn't particularly long lasting, and you still want to wear it, just make sure its matte, that's all. You could also opt for stains, these are nice and should last and stain your cheeks, hence the name. But make sure you try them before your long day! Nobody likes public fails/humiliations!

As for lips, I think you have two options! You can either go for the a tinted lip balm or a clear one, because lip balm is also a treatment and it feels more natural in front of your boss/coworkers to reapply throughout the day. Or you can opt for a staining product. The downside to that is that most of them are drying, but we cant have it all can we? Stains must be tried and tested again.

Prime, make sure your skin is well blended, and seal. Avoid shimmery products, avoid color that can move around and be seen, embrace your natural beauty, and think of the importance of lip hydration and also how resilient your lips are. Don't go all adventurous on your longest days of the week, stick to the tried and testes!

I feel like a broken record by now, tried and tested must be the most repeated phrase in this long post. good thing its coming to an end! I hope it was informative for you guys. I'll make sure to film a video for those of you who prefer heard over read! Don't forget to leave your tips and tricks for the rest of us to get even more informed, because everyone experiences different fading makeup adventures, and we all must have had fails in our lives, we are human! If you think I've forgotten something, make sure to let me know by commenting or contacting me someway or another, and maybe we can discuss in in another post ;) Have a good day and stick to those you know will stick to you, don't force chemistry to happen, that is a recipe for disaster!

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