Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mindblowing Product #4: First Nars Blush in Sin

At last, I finally got the one Nars blush that makes my mouth drool, Sin!

this packaging gets dirty before you know it!

Plums are my kinda color, I find myself gravitating toward either plummy blushes or coral blushes, and since I already have enough coral blushes for multiple faces, but I only have one true plum, I thought another plum blush is necessary. So I finally got another plummy shade to add to my collection!

Alright so I opened the pan immediately and I started swatching it, and I swear my heart skipped a beat! The shade is so darn beautiful in person, and if you think online swatches do it justice, you are just mistaken! I mean... look at it, its even more beautiful than this!

And the beautiful thing about this shade is that it is shimmery and it kinda highlights at the same time! The plum blush I had before is semi matte so they both are almost entirely different, and for reference, I am talking about the Dior blush in Brown Milly which I have already discussed!

Left  to right: Sin, Brown Milly

This is a very pigmented formula, those who think Nars blushes are pigmented weren't exaggerating, it seems! You don't need to drench your product with this powder blush to get it to show!
Lets talk a little bit about the longevity of this babe! This is an incredibly long lasting formula that you can truly rely on, this babe wont leave your face except when you want it to!
And the best part again is that it is a beautiful shimmery blush that looks... ummm, mature? I mean, it doesn't look cheap, it looks classy and sophisticated, and the shimmers aren't chunky and weird!

Overall, I think I should have been born with this on my cheeks! I literally find it hard not to wear this on daily basis! my favorite Tom Ford blush has some competition nowadays!

On any regards, if you don't have a Nars blush, I really recommend this one, I think its beautiful all year round, and I also think that it is not INSANELY priced like the Tom Ford ones are! REALLY LOVE THIS BABE!

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