Friday, February 8, 2013

Decleor Hydra Floral Anti Pollution Flower Nectar Moisturizing Cream

Decleor is a brand that is famous for its spa products, rich with natural oils, and pleasant scents. However, those rich natural oils can be too heavy for people with combination skin, especially on an oily t-zone. Even though it has a day cream and a night cream, I find them both way too heavy on me, and I believe they made me break out, and probably gave me the largest pimple ever, that I am still recovering from after nearly a month! Moreover, the scent of many Decleor products at once can get overwhelming, which actually gave me a headache just as big as the pimple! luckily I only had a sample!
The day cream was really too heavy that at first, when I was using it as a day cream, it made my eyeshadow fade, and I am talking about eyeshadows that used  to last for around 12 hours on my lids! I should have realized that those were early signs of my skin having an oil overdose, but I still continued using it until the breakouts. When I first had them, they were large, but I have breakouts like that before, though never as many or as long-lasting! I thought it was because of pressure, since it was during the time I had to present my seminar paper in front of the entire class and the  lecturer and all that jazz, so I kept on using it, only at night, and each morning I'd wake up and wipe it off my face and wash my face a hundred thousand time, but my face would still feel super greasy, and trust me, that felt really bad!
I stopped using the product after like a little over a month, when I had this big fat ugly pimple in the middle of my chin, and no I did not take a picture to share with anybody, because who needs to see that much ugliness in a single tiny chin!
Anyhow, I think that people with dry skin should really try it out, its super rich and it has enough oil for an entire lifetime! BUT, if you are combination, and especially oily, BEWARE, dont come near this thing, its dangerous and can kill your beautiful faces with those gigantic pimples I had!
However, I still love Decleor, especially their Aroma Cleanse line (the exfoliating cream, cleansing gel, cleansing milk, and the tonifying lotion). So its not a disclaimer or anything, Decleor is still really good, just know that if you see signs of oiliness anywhere in your face, and the t-zone in particular, its probably because you're using too much Decleor for your skin!

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