Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite 7 Perfumes (Brief description)

7. Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet
Now this one doesnt seem to have that much love and attention, but this perfume is truly beautiful! Its very floral and sweet smelling to me, and I love putting this on the my turtlenecks and sniffing it throughout the day!

6. Guerlain Shalimar
Now people say this is a grownup kind of perfume, and I think that if this was true, then grownups smell heavenly to me! I cant pinpoint exactly what this smells like, but I'll have to say that its complex and mysterious and SEXY! I love Shalimar, and I think its really the best perfume Guerlain has ever executed and produced, and no wonder it has been in the spotlight for ages now!

5. Carolina Herrera CH for women
 The smell is really woody and delicious. I think its a love or hate kind of fragrance. But I personally think it smells great and it lasts for a fair enough amount of time!

4. Prada Candy
This is super sweet, and its smells like Candy, but the smell fades into this sweet almost woody kind of smell, which I think I really like! I wish it was more long lasting, but I still love it very much!

3. Jivago 24K Gold
This is the most amazing floral scent that is out there. It costs a pretty penny but it makes me smell HEAVENLY! It lasts for quite some time and it makes my wardrobe smell pretty too if that makes any sense!

2. YSL Cinema
I honestly cannot describe this perfume, its just really delicious and I think its the kind that makes you wanna repurchase over and over again and never wanna be out of it!

1. Marc Jacobs Lola <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I give it five hearts instead of stars, because hearts express love more than stars can ever do! This thing is addictive! I cannot live without it, and I wear it probably more than I wear all of the perfumes above, COMBINED! This is really fruity, it really does smell like pear, and I love the way pear smells and tastes, and I LOVE LOLA!

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