Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dior Hypnotic Poison

This perfume is one to die for! I have only tried it today for the first time in my whole life, which is a bad thing of course, but ever since I took a sniff, I was head over heels! I still love other perfumes and this is not the best I have smelled throughout the last 22 years, but this is one of them! I have to admit I don't really like vanilla, sine I am more into fruity and floral scents, but this one is different for some reason! I have nothing to compare it to, nothing is really similar to this in my opinion! I still believe that nothing can top my lovely Lola by Marc Jacobs, but out of all the perfumes that I have smelled from Dior, I think that this is probably the best, and even J'adore which I did love, does not come close to this. But, I would say that this is most suitable for a night out, since its quite heavy, and I think its also wintery, I think the warmth of Vanilla is the reason why I think this is wintery, because my idea of summer is more fresh, either floral or fruity! The packaging really looks like a potion bottle, kinda reminds me of some of Guerlain's Terractotta lip glosses' packaging, but those are a complete other story that does not belong here! Anyway, I really love Poison, and I'm afraid I'm going to start using this daily since spring is knocking on our doors!

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