Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact # 60 Gabrielle

Guerlain makes amazing lipsticks, and the formula of the Rouge G line is one of the best out there, for  it is super creamy and moisturizing, quite long lasting, the colors are well pigmented and pretty as well. However, for such an expensive lipstick, I would suggest that you buy darker colors, more opaque ones, rather Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a peachy nude color, its truly very pretty, but since the color is very light, it does not leave a stain, and therefore, it does not last as long as I would have liked, especially with eating and drinking.

In terms of packaging, I'm sure a lot of people has either seen this in Guerlain counters and online. It looks quite luxurious to be honest, its silver, looks like an oval to me, though others have described it as a bullet. when you open the packaging, a mirror opens up so you can apply the lipstick while looking in the mirror, which is rather functional. But, for such a gorgeous packaging, its only logical that it will be rather hefty. I wouldn't recommend carrying more than one Rouge G around. Though it is very luxurious looking, I would say that I am not a huge fan of this packaging, and that is not because of the weight at all. This packaging is very attracted to fingerprints, I am afraid of touching it and spoiling its beauty. Moreover, its very difficult to store, it doesn't stand, and therefore, it takes a lot of room, and it makes me hesitant to go and buy the other colors I really want!

Overall, I'd say that this lipstick is lovely as a formula, and Gabrielle is a gorgeous color, but does not last as much. The packaging looks lovely and the idea of the mirror is really good, however, why not make the metal less attracted to fingerprints, and why not make one of the ends straight so it can stand up and not take too much room. I would recommend starting with a darker shade for those who are interested, and I would also recommend buying only one and seeing how you manage to store this in your vanity, and see whether the weight is suitable for you to carry around!

Pictures of the package and the lipstick are down below:

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