Saturday, February 23, 2013

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminous Moisturizing Cream (Normal to Combination Skin)

I just tried this moisturizer today, and though I can't give an evaluation yet, but I think I'm about to fall in some deep deep kind of love! The scent is amazing, it absorbs REALLY quickly, and leaves the skin feeling sooooo good! The formula feels a lot more watery than the moisturizer I have been using for the last month, which is the Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Cream, but its not slippery, its just really impressive. I don't know if this hype is going to be any helpful, but I thought it was rather extraordinary, especially that I have been kind of satisfied with my moisturizer, but definitely open for other recommendations and suggestions. I would have never gone to a Givenchy counter by myself, I stick to my comfort zone, Guerlain, Dior, Lancome, and Chanel, and I dont think I would buy their makeup products, but I am definitely curious about their skin care products, especially the moisturizer, since I'm happy with the rest of my routine, except maybe for the toner! Anyway, I will writing updates about this moisturizer quite often! This is basically a first impression kind of review, and the rest is in the making!

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