Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nail Polish Review: Ga-de Nail Enamel - 432 (Ice Cocktail), 439 (Mint Green), 377 (Melrose)

Living in Israel, one is probably more exposed to Israeli brands, and in the world of beauty, specifically nail polish, I guess than in Israel, Israeli brands are probably more popular than other. And to be honest, the quality of some Israeli brands' nail polishes is quite good. For instance, I wanted to share with you my favorite Israeli nail polishes' brand, which is Ga-de. I was not the girl to go buy nail polishes up until recently, and recently I did purchase three nail polishes from Ga-de, and I decided to share them with you, even though you may not have access to them, at least I'll show you the colors I purchased for the upcoming spring and summer, though I do plan to buy more.

left to right: 432 Iced Cocktail, 377 Melrose, 439 Mint Green

So first I want to show you the three colors applied lightly, using only one layer:

And here is a picture of the colors applied in two layers:

(left to right: 432 Iced Rose, 377 Melrose, 439 Mint Green)

Now as I mentioned, the quality of these nail polishes is rather good. They dry relatively quickly, and the colors are generally opaque after two layers, though in the case of Melrose (the coral one), I think I personally am quite content just by the a single layer. The lasting power is also quite good, of course not of you are washing your hands and using chemical cleaning products and what not. They do last from 2-3 days without chipping, and 4 with minimal chipping, but I would suggest removing them on the third day, also because changing you nail color can be quite an enjoyable thing.

Now into the colors themselves:

Number 432, Iced Cocktail, is a shimmery super light sky blue/pastel blue, it is quite sheer, and even when built up, the color remains relatively sheer, and the only think that is opaque is actually the shimmer. I think it could pass as a blue toned gray, which probably means that this color is pretty versatile, but to me, this was definitely my least favorite out of those three, also because it never gets truly opaque, and it requires more layering than the rest of the colors do. However, if you're into a sheer and shimmery pastel color, this is quite pretty

Number 439, Mint Green, is gorgeous, I'm not sure if its a true mint green, but it doesn't matter to me much, I still love it and I think its spectacular. The first layer is not opaque, but not totally sheer at the same time, I guess that some people might not mind wearing this like this. However, two layers are perfectly opaque. The application is smooth and easy, and I truly love it.

Number 377, Melrose, is a spectacular coral. Perfect for the spring and summer. I find the first layer to be opaque enough, but for absolute full opacity, two layers are perfect. The application is silky and smooth, dries quickly, and lasts for a good couple days. Overall, I do recommend corals especially for spring and summer, and this coral in particular is lovely!

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