Wednesday, April 17, 2013

YSL Glossy Stain: #12 Corail Fauve

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I have finally got my hands on the YSL Glossy Stains, and I did purchase one of them. And as you can tell from the title, it is number 12, Corail Fauve.

Corail Fauve is truly beautiful. It gives a glossy sheer coral tint if  you only wear one layer of it. But if you wear two layers like I do, you'll find that the color becomes rather opaque, and it'll transform into a rather red-coral kind of color. Very spring appropriate, but it would still look beautiful all year round.

 (one layer)

(two layers)

The formula of this lipstick/stain/gloss is quite amazing. According to other reviews online, the formula of the glossy stains is quite long lasting, which I have found to be true. Well, I only have tried this shade, which could be considered on of the darker ones, hence it is technically red on me, and reds tend to do well in terms of longevity. But regardless of the fact that it is a red, the glossiness and shine do tend to last for 2-3 hours on me, which is pretty remarkable to be honest, and the color's opacity remain strong for another good 3 hours. And the color fades evenly, and does not sink in fine lines, or accentuate dry or chapped lips, which is awesome, since my lips are still recovering from winter dryness. So I would say that the Glossy Stains can last for 6-8 hours, and the color itself fades beautifully, leaving a gorgeous stain behind it.

 (freshly applied)

 (6 hours later)

In terms of the texture, I would say that it applies pretty liquidy, and after like a few minutes, it does feel a little tacky, but its not bad, its just slightly uncomfortable at first. And then the tackiness disappears, or that I just adjust and I stop feeling it, but it remains slightly sticky. Anyhow, I'd say that this lipstick is truly comfortable to wear, despite it being just ever so slightly sticky, probably due to its glossiness.

I am used to wearing scented lipsticks, hence I almost always use Guerlain lipsticks, and everybody knows that almost all Guerlain beauty products are rather heavily scented. But I honestly do not mind scents in general, and I find that Guerlain's scents are generally pleasant. However, I must say that the Glossy Stain smells terrible to me. I don't know exactly what it smells like, but I do know that I really don't like the smell. However, fortunately, the smell vanishes shortly after application.

In conclusion, I'd say that I am very happy with this Glossy Satin, and I am definitely thinking of purchasing more colors in the future. I don't find a need to reapply this lipstick more than once a day, after a really long time of wear, and only if I'm having a long day at work, or while running errands, etc. I do recommend it to everyone, and I think that it is definitely worth the price, its definitely worth the splurge, and it stands up to the hype. You honestly can't go wrong with  this product, as long as you choose a color that matches your skin color, and your own preferences, which I'm sure you will.

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