Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Dream of a Promised Land

I'm a missionary who lost her bible
In the galaxy of disbelief.
I'm a sinner, a harlot,
Who fled from the graced holiness.

I'm a coward who scorned
The blood that through me ran.
and now I'm a refugee
In an eternal occupied land.

All I have is a prayer to the gods of mercy,
The unforgiving gods of forgiveness. 
To walk me through the dark,
To walk me past my endless night.

Let us walk out and see the darkened moon
Turn into a million splendid rays.
Lets smell the blossoming flowers,
and taste the springing joy of days.

I was once in a dark reality 
Where lands were never to be mine.
Then one day I recalled,
All landlords must inevitably die.

And when I die, will I be remembered
For my sins, or will my soul light dimmed beacons,
Harbored paths that cast infinite shadows upon the invincible 
Lights of the Gardens of Grace.

And when they all die, will they still be 
Landlords? or will its scented soil lock them within
Their Own sinful greed as they melt, dissolve,
And nourish the land that nourished all their lives.

This land may not be mine today,
This land may never be mine,
But for this land I promise,
For the delightful taste of soil, I will give
My body, my soul, all of me, as a whole.

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