Sunday, April 14, 2013

My First YSL Purchase & Pictures

Today is a very happy day, I have finally made my first YSL purchase, and it was pretty craaazy! However, I am in love, in heaven, you name it! I got 4 things, as you'll see in the pictures, I haven't tried them yet, which only means that there will be reviews coming up, so stay tuned for that. Now, lets dig into the goodies I got.

The first thing I knew I had to have was one of the chromatics. I originally wanted number 10, which has khakis, which would have hit right home, since I love khakis. But it just wasn't available. However, another quad that I liked was number 13, which has pinks and purples in it. So, luckily it was available, and I immediately picked it up. Here are some pictures of it:

The next thing that I wanted was a Glossy Stain. I initially loved like 8 of them, however, I had to choose one. So the one shade I got was number 12, Corail Fauve. Its a GORGEOUS coral, which leans more towards red on my lips. I applied two layers of it in the store, and it was just heavenly! However, I must admit that I did find it kinda sticky, so just if you do experience a little bit of stickiness, at least you're not the only one! But, for the product itself and the color, I dont mind it being sticky at all! and here are the pictures:

The third thing I got was the Creme DE Blush in number 2 Powdery Rose. I havent tried it out yet, however, it seems like a gorgeous settle pink shade, not too bright, and not too muted. I will be trying it very soon, and I will definitely be reviewing it, since it was definitely a different kind of blush for me, hence I dont have any cream blushes, nor have I tried any before. And here is a picture:

The last thing I got has one of the most gorgeous packaging I've ever seen, probably more beautiful than my Rouge G (Guerlain's infamous bullet-like lipstick packaging). It is the Rouge Volupte lipstick in shade number 8, Fetish Pink. It is GORGEOUS, and the color itself is new to me. Its not sticky at all, and the lipstick itself is much lighter than my Rouge G one. And here are the pictures:

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