Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Found a Moisturizer!

At last, I have finally found a moisturizer that satisfies my needs. I have tried many many moisturizers, did not like most of them, but now I finally found one that I love. It is the Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Silk Creme. According to the saleswoman at the counter, this is identical to the Dior Hydra Life Comfort Creme, which was the latest one that I tried. This cream is thicker than what I would have intuitively gravitated to, but it does a great job at hydrating my skin, which is my main concern, because I've been suffering from dry patches on my cheeks, not severely dry and painful, but disturbing, and nothing seemed to help. 
The first thing that I want to talk about is actually negative, but luckily its just packaging. The jar is really beautiful, it has a stopper to kind of reduce the product's exposure to air, I assume, and that's also really nice. But at the same time this product is insanely heavy. I understand that its glass, but I feel like I do some weightlifting with it, which is not really a good thing for me. But, just like I said, it is only packaging, and what really matters is what's inside this heavy jar. 
The consistency is definitely on the heavy side, I would have preferred one that is smoother and more gel like, but none of the products I tried gave my skin enough hydration. I think that it is thick enough that if you put it on your hand, it won't move. But I guess that the downside would be that in the morning, this would probably take more time to fully absorb, which means that if you want to wear foundation, you'll probably have to wait a little bit for that. But, I would do anything to provide my face with the hydration it needs, therefore, and I don't mind. 
The jar contains 50ml, which is really decent. And due to the fact the the moisturizer itself is on the heavy side, a little goes such a long way, and I imagine that this will last for like 4 months, which is not bad at all. It spreads easily and feels nice as it is being massaged into the skin. I feel that if this is too heavy during the day, this will make a great night cream, it is truly wonderful. 

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