Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Peony Extract (for dry/sensitive skin)

Last week, I picked up a foaming cleanser for the first time. I had a couple samples of the YSL Forever Youth Liberator cleansing foam, and I really enjoyed it, and therefore, I decided to give my gel cleanser by Decleor to my mother, and buy myself a new one. I would have probably bought the YSL one, but the problem is that there is no YSL counter nearby, so I had to settle for a different foaming cleanser. And since I really like Dior's skincare products, I thought I should probably get one from there. And that is the story behind my purchase (which I'll probably do a haul video about, so don't forget to check it out).
I do like this cleanser, its not bad, but I wanted something that lathers, something that would feel more like soap, I guess. This does not lather at all, I have tried different methods over the last week, but I just never ever lathers up. If this was my main concern, I would have probably returned it. But I think that this cleanser is good at cleansing, yet not drying out my skin, which I must say that I have experienced it with the Decleor cleanser as well as the YSL cleanser. It feels nice on the skin, and it actually smells nice, very similar to my Dior Gentle Exfoliant. The scent is very light and toned down, I dont think it is overpowering at all, in fact I wouldn't have minded the scent being a little more obvious, but that is not important to me. What I also like about it is that it does a great job at cleansing my face and taking off everything, from makeup, to actual environmental dirt. It is so great at clearing up the skin that I only use my makeup remover after cleansing, and the reason being is that normally, with foundation, it is not the easiest thing to take off makeup, but this cleanser makes it so easy, that I go over my face lightly, but focus more on my neck and decollete. What is also wonderful about it is that I have tried it on my eyes, and it doesn't hurt at all, as long as you keep them closed until you rinse your face completely. 
So, overall, I do recommend this cleanser at all, even though I would have enjoyed some lathering up, but I don't think its that important, not when the product does so many great things to your face. However, next time I want to purchase a foaming cleanser, I would definitely check something that lathers, mainly because of curiosity, but if I end up not liking it, I'll probably just repurchase this cleansing foam.


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