Saturday, May 4, 2013

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters Review

I have finally purchased two of the Lip Butters, #15 Tutti Frutti, and #75 Cherry Tart. The colors are truly beautiful, well pigmented, and they do feel nice on the lips. I think they're easy to wear, and the color selection is pretty awesome. However, I honestly don't like the product itself. I do get why many people are talking about them, because after all, the product is beautiful on the lips, but I just really hate it. And here are the reasons why I hate it.

First let me start by telling you about how agonizing the packaging is. It looks pretty, and the fact the the caps are color coded is awesome. But it takes some serious muscles to get it to open. I need to push really hard to open it. I doesn't have like a secret button to open it, you literally just have to push, and its just like I said, agonizing. I might be the only one who would mention such thing, but if I want to touch up during the day, I don't want a product that is so difficult to open.
Second of all, its still spring, and the real heat is still to come, but for some reason, the product just melts all over the tube. So basically it makes the product look dirty, and I hate having my makeup look that way. I don't know what to expect during the summer, because the product has already shown a bad reaction to hot weather, and it will only get warmer and warmer during the summer. I guess this means that this product has low life expectancy, I don't think it will last over 4-6 months, which really sucks for me.
The third reason is that the color does not last, even without eating. I know its a lip butter, but just like I said in the first reason, if the product is so hard to open, then maybe it shouldn't be opened often, and I feel the need to reapply this every half an hour, which really sucks, because then maybe the packaging should have been much easier to use!

I was initially interested in purchasing more, but I do not recommend them, and I think that there are better alternatives out there, especially now, sheer lip products, or tinted ones, seem to be popular.

Here are some pictures:
Cherry Tart

 Tutti Frutti

 Cherry Tart on top, Tutti Frutti at the bottom

 Left-Right: Tutti Frutti, Cherry Tart

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