Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Quick and Easy Classic Hair Updo

Is your hair long enough to be tied in a ponytail? Then, this hair tutorial is for you! All you're going to need is a hair elastic band, a hair brush/comb, and some bobby pins to secure your hair if it is not too long to stay in a ponytail. And feel free use hairspray if you're going out for the entire day/going to a party at night, I just never use hairspray.

For the sake of this updo, I would recommend that you try this hairstyle on hair when its the second or third day after you have washed it, because it will hold better and won't slip off easily.

First, brush your hair through to make sure that it is tangle free, and then, take the upper part of your hair and tie it in a loose ponytail like you see in the picture below.

After you have tied the loose ponytail, twist it inwards, and repeat the process until you're left with very short hair, which you will secure with some bobby pins, just like in the picture below. 

And then tuck your finger insider the hole that you twisted your hair in, and try to expand it just a little bit.

Afterwards, start grabbing some sections of hair that you haven't tied, and tuck them inside that hole. Repeat the process until there is no hair left, and if you'll need to secure the ends, so that they'll remain put in the hole, do so by using bobby pins.

And you should end up with something like this:

And don't forget to add your own touch to it, maybe by adding a hair accessory, or a braid, just have fun with it!

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial
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