Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Battle of the Eyeshadows

Today, and in this post, I will be comparing my favorite two eyeshadow formulas, Dior quints and Guerlain quads. I wont be addressing specific colors, but the formula itself, the price, the quantity, and the like.

First of all, I should first say that I do not have a dozen eyeshadow quads or singles. I have 6 quads and one single eyeshadow, and of course, my collection shall grow. I have 3 Guerlain quads (Ecrin 4 Couleurs), and one Dior quint (5 Couleurs Eyshadow Palette). Now lets try to figure out which one of these is better.

I LOVE both of them dearly, but I have a feeling I will end this post by declaring Guerlain as a winner... so lets see!

1. Guerlain's eyeshadows are a quad, Dior's are quints. Basically, in terms of variety of looks, I think Dior has more room for creativity and creating different looks.

2. Dior's quints have a total of 6 grams, meaning it offers an average of 1.2 grams of each color in the quint. Guerlain quads have a total 7.2 grams, which means that they offer 1.8 grams of each individual color in the quads. Therefore, in terms of quantity, Guerlain is the winner.

3. In terms of price, I think Dior and Guerlain are in the same price point. Here in Israel, they're more expensive, but essentially they have the same price. However, Guerlain runs great discounts that Dior never seem to do. And for the price, getting 7.2 grams is better than 6 grams. Therefore, I think that Guerlain is a better purchase.

4. In terms of how the colors feel, I honestly cannot tell you which one I prefer, they are both extremely butter and soft, and they work fine with brushes or sponge applicator, and I dont feel like there is a waste of product. They are also equally blendable and easy to work with.

5. In terms of longevity, I feel like Guerlain is just slightly more crease resistent, just ever so slightly more long lasting. But I wouldn't say that there is a huge difference, or that Guerlain has superior longevity compared to Dior. Essentially, I would say that they are equally as good, and with a primer, I think that they'll be truly equally long lasting.

6. In terms of pigmentation, I think Dior is slightly more pigmented and truer to color. I find that to be true only with one of my quads, but in the rest of the quads, I find them to be equally as good. If I was pressured and if I had to say which one is better, I'd say that Dior is just slightly better than Guerlain, but I havent tried enough of their quints to be entirely sure.

Overall, I think that we have a tie, or that Guerlain is slightly better because it has more product with better deal prices and deals.

Next Saturday, I'll be doing The Battle of the blushes, comparing my beloved Tom Ford blushed to my beloved Guerlain Blushes. Subscribe so you wont miss out on it :)

(PS. pictures of what the quads and the quint looks like will be uploaded soon)

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