Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in #07 Les Cuirs

Are you looking for an understated nude eyeshadow palette? One that is not too dramatic? One to wear on daily basis? Look no more.

Guerlain's quad in number 7 is the perfect subtle nude quad that is not too shimmery or too matte, it is a happy medium of both. Les Cuirs literally means leather, and  must say that the name of it is pretty accurate. It has a beige highlight color that is not very shimmery, a more yellow toned beige/tan color that is wonderful all over the lid, and is  pigmented enough to neutralize it and cancel out the redness or the appearance of veins, the third shade is a taupe that I usually wear in my crease, and the last one is a rich more shimmery brown that makes a stunning liner as well as an outer V color. I think this is one of the most sophisticated quads I have seen,very day time and office appropriate. I dont think this can deliver a dramatic look, but then I do not associate dramatic eyeshadow look with a ton of beige and taupe colors, but that is just my personal opinion.

 (can you see the fingerprints?)
 (without flash)
(with flash)

Here are some lovely swatches for you.

As you can see, these colors have more of a satin finish than anything else, except for the darker brown one, which is quite shimmery in my opinion. But that only makes it more of a daytime palette in my opinion. But on the other hand, this will never compete with a dark lip color. If you know that the main focus of your makeup of the day will be your bold lipstick, do not hesitate to use this quad, it'll be absolutely perfect. And also, I think the light beige and the tan will work perfectly well with a winged liner, but for me, I almost never wear winged liner, I'm just giving you precious readers some options. But then, it is makeup, and it is by definition the best place to experiment and see what works best for you.

In terms of quality, if you have been reading some of my blog posts, you know that Guerlain is my favorite makeup brand, and that their eyeshadow quads are like my favorite thing ever. I own 7 of them, 7! I think this is enough to tell you that these little buggers are spectacular, if you just decide to overlook the hefty price. But then, it does contain 7.2 grams of product, which I assume boils down to 1.8 grams of product per shade. (correct me if I am wrong, but I was  too lazy to use a calculator!) The pigmentation is great, the longevity is a total winner in my book, the feel of the eyeshadows is buttery smooth, highly blendable and easy to work with. I just love Guerlain quads. In terms of packaging, it is nice and sturdy, but it attracts fingerprints like nobody's business, which can drive many people crazy.

But now to be honest, if this is the first Guerlain quad that you plan to purchase, and if you have enough neutrals in your makeup stash, then just don't go for this, go for a more unique quad, and if you want something that is still on the neutral side, I highly highly recommend the quad number 4, Les bois De Rose. But that is just my personal opinion, you don't have to abide by anyone's makeup rules other than yourself's!

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