Monday, November 11, 2013

Mind Blowing Products #1: DiorBlush Vibrant Color in Brown Milly

Yes, I am amazed! This blush is stunning, shame it has quite the misleading name.  It is the DiorBlush Vibrant Color Powder Blush in number 566, Brown Milly. It is not  brown, believe you me, but I feel like it can enhance and define  cheek the appearance of bones somehow. The color is quite a plummy purple mauve, kind of nude, and it is matte. Definitely very unique and different from all the blushes I have seen so far. It is a cool toned blusher, but it works perfectly on warm toned skins as well.

Technically speaking, this little babe, despite being expensive, is well worth your money. According to Sephora price, it costs around 42 Dollars, and it comes with 7 grams of product, which is quite generous, and will last for ages even if you use it exclusively. Now I must admit that I wanted it to have at least 8, because that's the case with my favorite blush line, the Tom Ford one, but I don't care that much, and I think the color is definitely one of the most unique shades I've ever seen.

In terms of pigmentation, this blush won't fail you. It is oh so pigmented. It will show on all skins, and I think it'll look beautiful on everyone.

It is like I said, matte. Now matte can be a little scary, because sometimes matte and powdery enjoy walking hand in hand, but that is not the case with this blush. It is not chalky or powdery or anything like that, but it is not exceptionally creamy either. It reminds me of the Guerlain blush duo's texture, only better. It is very blendable and easy to apply, it really is perfect.

The packaging is sturdy and very chic, but it is not forgiving when it comes to fingerprints. Luckily, it is easy to clean. I would have loved to see a packaging that was more similar to their quints, with the CD and all of that, but its just the package, it doesnt matter that much.

And lastly, there is a mini angled brush in the compact. Now it's not the softest brush I've ever felt, and it doesnt apply the blush as nicely as other brushes (I use a silver Dior blush brush). But when you're out and about and you feel like a little baby touch up, it's not that bad.

Overall, I found a new blush love, YAAY! I highly highly recommend this color in particular, it is unique enough to take your wallet out and spend 42$ on, and its perfect for autumn and winter too.

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