Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brushes I Use on Daily Basis

Face Brushes:

1. Mac 187: This is a duo fiber brush, which means that it combines synthetic bristles with natural ones. It is round and fluffy but flat on top. I think this brush is meant to function as a foundation brush. However, it is really good for multiple things, starting from foundation and ending with facial highlighting. It is relatively soft, never scratchy, maintains its shape, and is never scratchy. When I use it for my foundation, I immediately give it a deep clean, I wash it with shampoo and water, and it seems to handle it pretty well. I think this is a very functional brush, and I highly recommend it.

2. Dior blush brush (discontinued): This is meant to be a blush brush, it is relatively dense, but very soft. It is wide from the front and thinner from the sides, and is kinda tapered too. At first, I was a little unsure about the size of the brush,  though it was a little too big for my face, but the more I  use it, the more I like it. To start, this is a natural hair brush, it is supremely soft and flexible. I use it with my blush, bronzer, and my meteorites, I wouldn't recommend using it with shimmery highlighters because of the size of the brush. I wash it once every week to two weeks, let it dry, and put it back in its guard. It doesn't maintain its shape very well, but it does come with a brush guard, might as well use it. If you have super pigmented blushes, say Tom Ford's blush in Flush, you shouldn't worry if you use a light hand, as this brush picks up product sparingly, and is very good at blending. I do see myself getting a smaller blush brush, but for my bronzer and meteorites, I wouldnt change anything about it. (I am considering the Hakuhodu S111, or the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush)

Eye Brushes:

1. Mac 239: This is a thin and flat brush, a really really nice brush to lay down your eye makeup, be it powder or cream eyeshadows. It's perfect for applying eyeshadow base as well. If you use both cream eyeshadows and powder eyeshadows, I suggest having two of these, they'll make your eye makeup world easier, prettier, and more professional looking. you can also use the very tip to apply shadow on your upper or lower lash line, smudge liners, or even blend, even though I personally dont like blending with this. I think spot cleaning this brush is necessary because you may not use the same shades day in and day out, or at least I dont, but spot cleaning it is pretty easy nonetheless. Deep cleaning it is pretty easy as well, I do it every Sunday, like today, and it is very easy to clean, dries out relatively quickly, like in an hour or two, which is much quicker than my blush brush for instance! I think this brush is an absolute must, and I would encourage everyone who is reading this blog post and doesn't have this brush to run out and get it. Oh, and if you're worried that the white bristles will get stained, they wont, I promise!

 2. Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge Brush: This is a dense brush, round and pointy. I personally love a darker outer v, I just love the sultriness and elegance of it. This is exactly why I adore this brush. Sometimes, I also use it in my crease, or socket line, or whatever other term is used for this area. I don't blend with it, I find it to be just a touch too hard and a touch too scratchy, maybe I'm too sensitive, but it is my eye area, and I want something gentler to do my blending with it. But back to why I think this is a must have! This brush picks up color superbly well, especially if you want to build up how dark you want your outer v to be. I use this first, blend, and if I fancy a darker outer v, I'd go back and pack more color with it, and then blend again. I think this brush is absolutely a must for me, and if you like smokey eyes, then it is a must for you too. Since it has a bit of a pointy tip, you can also use it in the inner tear duct, on your lower lash line, you can, as the name suggests, smudge liners, as well as the purposes I have already mentioned before. Overall, I absolutely cannot live without this brush.

3. Mac 217: This is a relatively fluffy brush, makes it great for blending. It is wider at front and thinner on the sides, slightly tapered. Perfect perfect blending brush. I is actually a multitasking brush that can serve for many many purposes, such as concealer, crease/socket work, quick and sheer lid color application, and probably some other purposes I can't seem to think of at the moment. This is my blending brush of choice, and its perfect to extend my darker outer v shade a little in my crease/socket, even without having to dip it in the shadow itself, just blend out what you applied earlier with the Bobbi Brown brush. Again, this is an absolute must, and if you do a little research on this brush, you'll see that I am not the only one who is encouraging you to get this brush today, unless you already have it of course. If you want to use it for concealer, you might consider getting more than just one of this brush. I also encourage you to spot clean daily, because, again, you might not be using the same shades on daily basis, and may also want to blend without having to add more color. The bristles of this brush are white, but they won't get stained, and they're easy to clean as well. I deep clean this brush once a week, and it is one of the fastest brushes to dry out.

4. Bobbi Brown Smokey Liner Brush: This is a tiny little thin and flat brush that is tapered to give it a bit of a point. If you're like me, and you want everything to be blended and diffused, you might want to look into getting  this brush. It's a tiny flat brush as you can see from the footage I included, its very thin and perfect to use as a lower lash liner smudging tool, or even to apply shadow on there. I wouldn't recommend using it damp, because it might get a little too harsh and stiff for such a delicate area, but that is just my opinion, and I am a little too sensitive naturally. It is also tiny enough to get in your inner tear duct, or for small detail work like intensifying the outer v, smudging liner on your upper lash line, etc. I never use gel liners, or liquid ones, so I cannot recommend using this brush for either purposes, but for pencil liner than can be smudged out,  this is the perfect companion for them. I fin that this brush is very easy to clean, especially when used with powder shadows, but even if I use it with my pencils, it cleans out just as easily.

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