Friday, January 17, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in So Vain

One of the great things that the brand Estee Lauder makes is nail polishes, and I have only discovered them after I received one of their nail polishes as a Christmas gift. So, I decided to get more of them, as I loved the formula so much.

I decided to get a nude among some other shades, quite a safe choice for many people, but certainly not for me as I am not a nude polish lover. To be honest, I would have been a lot happier with another brighter/darker color than a nude, but I thought that most people who might stumble across this blog post must have searched for nude polishes in particular, and that this might be helpful for readers.

So the nail polish I got was Estee Lauder's Pure Color Nail Lacquer in the shade G9, and it is called So Vain. I must admit that the name was also another reason why I ended up getting it in particular. It has a cream finish, so no shimmers or glitters are to be found in here. The shade looks like a tanned skin color to me, or the color of leather, which I will get back to and explain further after the following footage break I'm about to insert right now.

As I said it reminded me of leather, and that is because of an eyeshadow quad by Guerlain that I own, and it is called Les Cuirs, which means leather in french. As you can see from the following picture, the shade looks like it was directly extracted from that quad, as it is almost identical to the shades there, especially the one in the middle, right below the light beige. I am actually considering doing a tutorial pairing these products together as well as some others of course, so what do you think?

I am truly impressed by these polishes' formula, it is absolutely stunning. This shade in particular seems to be better than the one I have already tried (Viper), because it dries out super quickly, and it is one of the most long lasting nail polishes I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I will admit that I am a little obsessed with washing my hands, and I do so about 30 times a day, which is a little obsessive, maybe crazy, but I've accepted that and moved on with my life. So, the moral of the story is that this is the fourth day of me wearing this shade, and it still looks like it is freshly applied. Not to mention the settle glossiness that seems to last and last and last. In short, I am now considering getting my hands on each and every Estee Lauder polish I can find, I'm in love with them.

Now it is about time that we discuss this gorgeous packaging which I have already mentioned in my earlier brief review of Viper. It is so darn beautiful, feels a little hefty, or in other words, luxurious, and I feel like I want to display them on my vanity. The brush is not too thick and not too  thin, it is really user-friendly and it just works

Let's talk a little about money. Estee Lauder, being a high end brand, has what you'd expect to be a high end price. This nail polish would cost you about twice the price of Essie polishes, at least here in Israel. But the good news is that this is a brand with many offers and deals, and I always get mine for about 2 dollars and a half cheaper than Essie! Aint that great? So what I'd say is that you don't need to pay full price for something that is often on sail, just hold your horses a  little bit and keep your eyes and ears open for a good old sale, and I'm sure it'll come.

So, this whole entire post is trying to tell you that in the world of nail polishes and nail polish lovers, Estee Lauder is one of the places worth checking and considering, and for nude nail polish lovers, So Vain is a total and utter must. As a matter of fact, I am really looking forward trying more shades from the line, as I have never been half as wowed by a nail polish as I am now.

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