Friday, January 3, 2014

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Liquid Foundation

Guerlain's Lingerie De Peau is not the only foundation I've tried, but its the first foundation I purchased and the only. The makeup lover within wants me to explore more options, and I have tried a ton, but no other has ever compared to this. Now lets talk about why this foundation is the one and only foundation in my makeup collection.

I think its always safe to start with packaging. Guerlain liquid foundations all look alike. The bottle shape is identical to any other Guerlain Foundation, its just the transparency of the glass that differs. The bottle still is a super sleek, relatively hefty, and very user-friendly glass bottle. It does come with a pomp, so it is hygienic. Well, this may not be the most travel friendly bottle in the world, but if this is your foundation of choice, such as myself, you can make it work.

This is a liquid foundation, so it is definitely runny, but not too much that it slips off your hand. I don't find it to be messy at all. Since it is liquid, you can either apply it with your own hands, a brush, or a sponge, and believe you me, it looks perfect all the time, no matter how you apply it. I personally don't use sponges, I don't even own one. So I generally apply it with the Mac 187 brush or my hands. If you're concerned about product getting absorbed in brushes, just don't use a brush, not a duo fiber one or a natural hair one at least. If you use your hands, you'll find how incredibly blend-able this is, the tiniest bit will go SUCH A LONG WAY. If you use a brush, you'll need more product to cover your entire face. That being said, I still prefer my brush because it keeps my hands clean.

This foundation offers a sheer-medium build-able coverage, and it is as furthest away from cakey as I have encountered, even when built up. It has a super natural satin finish, or at least its definitely not as glowing as dewy finishes are, and its more dimensional than matte, more complex I guess. If I didn't have to label the finish, I'd just say it looks like skin, your perfected skin. Lingerie De Peau is very light weight as well, it feels like you're not wearing anything on your skin, and looks like your skin is naturally perfect. Now let me just clarify one thing to you, no one's face is entirely problematic, and no one needs to camouflage the face entirely, and moreover, there are these things you call concealers. So, I think that I would choose light coverage foundation, and a concealer, and not a full coverage foundation. But to each her/is own.

Now into a bit of bad news, this foundation wont last a week on your face. It lasts for about 8 hours on my normal-dry skin. I know there are more longer lasting foundations out there, but out of the sheer-medium coverage ones I've tried, this probably lasts the longest. Either ways, you can always use a primer underneath, or a finishing powder. (I will be doing a complexion routine soon) If used with a primer, it'll last the entire day. I haven't tried finishing powder, and I wouldn't classify my meteorites as ones to begin with.

In terms of shades, I didn't get to try many shades, but I did see many of them in their containers, and I think the shades offered may not be the most generous of all, but it will fit sit almost all skin tones from really light ones to ebony. But I dont think all stores carry all the shades offered, at least not where I live!

Now the question that remains is will it suit your skin type. If you have normal skin, the answer is OF COURSE, it'll be a match made in heaven. If you have super dry and flaky skin, if you moisturize it properly, I think it should work perfectly fine, as I dont feel like this accentuates any dryness that I tend to get during the colder months. If your skin is combination, the answer is also a yes, since this foundation isn't too dewy on the t-zone or anything. If your skin is oily, definitely prime, and use a light dusting of finishing powder just on the t-zone. I think that for the natural finish this foundation offers, everyone should give it a try, so go to a Guerlain counter and ask for a sample, or get a tiny little baby container and ask for it to be filled for you to try.

Now I've noticed that when I squirt the foundation out, it  is definitely scented, but its not too strong, and once applied on the face, I smell nothing.

So, to wrap this looong review up, I must say that this is a high recommended foundation. I know I love it, my mother loved it, and I haven't heard any negative word about it. The price is steep, I mean, it is Guerlain we're talking about, but I think its worth the price, it looks stunning, and it still looks like you, which is what really sold me on this.

(Pictures will be inserted soon)

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