Saturday, January 4, 2014

My First Essie & OPI & Estee Lauder Nail Polishes

Its winter, cold, not that sunny, and even if it was, the sun doesnt last long enough. So, I thought why not get me some lovely dark colors, preferable blackened blues and greens. So I went to the mall and went straight ahead to stores that sell nail polishes. I wanted to branch out of my Ga-de nail polish obsession just a little bit and get something more beauty-cult-approved. What can I say, everyone tries to fit in sometime in their life, and I feel like I like the beauty community enough to try. So I went first a very well known store where lots of high end brands are. I was browsing through them and I must admit, Estee Lauder nail polish packaging completely sucked me in, and one color in particular stole my heart! And then to OPI, and in Israel the array of shades isn't that impressively huge, but its definitely decent enough for someone who is new to the brand. So I saw many blackened colors, and I liked a lot of them, but I wanted to get one color per brand. When it came about to Essie, the amount of shades was sadly pathetic, and many of them were starting to gather loads of dust, I was honestly a little grossed out to take one of them home with me. But, again, how can I attempt to write a beauty blog without actually owning an Essie polish! So I did end up picking one of the colors too.

So lets start with the gorgeous Estee Lauder shade, Viper! Viper's poison is more like a love potion, at least to me. It's a darkened forest green with really subtle fine shimmer that are mostly opaque in daylight. The fist coat is more sheer and it looks more green, but the second coat brings it on fully opaque and almost black, but also green. I am a green polish lover, and I know there arent many out there, and even for those who are not, I think this is worth tracking down even now that it has almost vanished. Did I tell you about how glossy and shiny  this thing is? It's like a Glossy Stain but for the nails, the gloss lasts forever! It also lasted for a really long time, and even my mom commented on how long lasting it is. (She didn't wear it, its too nontraditional for her, but she saw how long lasting it was on me)
So here are some pictures! (lord praise the packaging)

Next is OPI in Incognito in Sausalito, such a cute name! The packaging isnt as lovely as Estee Lauder, but the color is really nice as well. It is a darkened navy blue polish that almost looks black indoors, but when you go out and greet the sun that always gets shy quickly during this time of year, you can see the blue in it, and I just love it. I would say that it is a relatively long lasting nail polish, almost like Ga-de nail polishes are, but the applicator is awesome, wide and thin makes application super easy! This color has a cream finish so I wouldnt call it complex, but its beautiful nonetheless. And it is so richly pigmented that even the first coat is opaque enough.
So here are some pictures, again.

Last but certainly not least is Essie in Dive Bar. Such a pretty unique metallic teal with purple and green fine shimmer running through it, the purple shimmer is more opaque in the bottle than on my nails, but I thought I'd mention it in case I turn out to be color blind! I have to say that even though the I did not love the Essie counter, this beauty is so beautiful I feel I want to go check other colors in case I missed out on some. The formula is really average, very similar to my beloved Ga-de. Indoors, I kind of feel like there's a hint of gray in it, but maybe it's just me and my color blindness!
Anyhow, here are the pictures.

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