Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mind Blowing Product #2: April Instant Nail Polish Remover (אפריל מסיר לק מהיר Israeli Product)

The task of removing nail polish is one that I personally dread, and I assume I'm not the only one who hates removing nail polish. I usually buy the regular ones you apply on a cotton pad and wipe off your nail polish with, and I use acetone free nail polish remover for cream finishes and nail polish remover with acetone for my glittery ones.

So I went to an Israeli store called April (one of my new favorite stores of the country), and I wanted to buy yet another one of the regular ones, and that was until I spotted a different kind of nail polish remover. The kind we're talking about looks like a big plastic jar with two massive sponges cut in half to fill the jar, and these sponges are soaked with nail polish remover. What you need to do to remove your polish is to dip your finger in it for about 3-5 seconds, and when you take it out, your nail polish should be removed. The idea of it seemed much easier than the good old polish remover I used to use, and I decided to purchase it.

Honestly, I did expect it to work, just not nearly as good as it did. It is amazing. I have the acetone free version, and it works phenomenally well on cream finishes, and even if you have red toned polishes that seem to stain your whole finger while removing it, this nail polish remover won't allow that to happen.

It is also very comfortable to use as you can easily slide your finger in and out of it without any sort of trouble, it is just like sliding in in and out of wet sponges, and that is exactly what you do, technically speaking. If you have tiny fingers like I do, you can easily and very comfortably push your nails against the sponge and your nail polish will come off in literally 3 seconds. I usually remove my nails with it while I'm in bed half asleep!

Now if you think you can use this to remove glittery nail polishes or textured finishes like the OPI liquid sands, then you'll be disappointed. Now remember, this does not have any acetone in it, so don't expect it to be a miracle worker.
Another disadvantage is that this cannot be used for toenails. I mean, try to imagine dipping each toe individually in this plastic jar type of container, it just wont work.

Lastly, I will recommend that if you do get this nail polish remover or any other polish remover with a similar concept, clean your hands before using it, and regarldless to that, do not share it with anyone else.

(Pictures will either be installed on Saturday night or on Sunday)

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