Thursday, February 6, 2014

Movies Week #4: Family Movies I Adore

Yes, there is a child within each and every adult. There is a child that loves movies that talk about children, and I honestly love these type of movies, and I will watch them any time, anywhere, and for any reason. Now I since a week is made out of 7 days, minus Sunday which is my weekend, I cannot do 25 best family movies, so I decided to do top fine, and as I did with my top 25 movies, I'll start with my ultimate favorite!

1. Flipped (2010): This is the sweetest movie that addresses children love, it is most likely the sweetest most heartwarming movie ever, and the book is even better! The movie has a unique kind of structure, it is has a twist on chronological order, as for each event, we have two sides, the girl's and the boy's, and how each one experienced that event and how it made each one feel. I cannot recommend it enough, if you haven't seen this yet, stop reading this post and watch it now! (Little Manhattan is a great movie that's similar to Flipped, but I still prefer Flipped)
This movie features Madelline Carrol, Callan Mcauliffe, and some others.

Flipped (2010) Poster

2. Harriet the Spy (1996): Oh dear lord of movies, this is one of your best productions. If you as a child loved imagining stories, writing, spying on people, making up some secrets and keeping them, then this movie is specifically for YOU! Harriet is a lovely little girl with a notebook of observations/secrets/opinions, and she does not know the damage her judgmental notebook can cause until she experiences it first hand. This is a movie about acceptance, friendship, family ties, and the effect of family absence and how it can drive kids to extremes they better not have explored. Overall, this stunning masterpiece is a must watch.
This movie features Michelle Trachtenberg, Rosie O'Donnel, and some others.

Harriet the Spy (1996) Poster

3. Matilda (1996): Absolutely stunning, it addresses the issues of super natural powers, which is a fascinating thing to many children, in such a beautiful way, a harmless way, which I think is great. So Matilda is this genius little girl with parents who are too busy living their twisted manipulative lives to notice that she really is special. Her supernatural powers are just as superior as her intelligence, as she teaches herself math, reading, science, anything at all. Then she goes to a school where the principal is basically a cruel hateful woman, but luckily, her teacher is so sweet that it almost makes up for the cruelty of the principal. I don't want to spoil the movie any longer, so I urge all of you to go ahead and watch this movie, it is beautiful.
This movie features Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, and some others.

Matilda (1996) Poster

4. My Girl (1991): LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. The actress is literally the sweetest ever! So this movie talks about a girl who lost her mom, and her father runs a funeral house, so there are always corpses around! She also has a friend who loves her so much, and who once asked her to marry him if she ended up not marrying her teacher whom she has a major crush on. SO SWEET! And then her dad starts dating, she starts to get puberty signs, she goes through loss yet once again, and so on. This movie breaks my heart, but leaves it feeling so uplifted at the same time, it is marvelous!
This movie features Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Chulkin, and some others.

My Girl (1991) Poster

5. That Night (1992): I'm telling you, this thing is a masterpiece! A young girl becomes obsessed with her glamorous neighbor who is not the ideal type of girl to befriend according to parents. The glamorous neighbor falls for the "wrong guy", she starts going out with him, which was unacceptable during the times the movie was set in, and eventually she gets pregnant and is sent to a house for unmarried pregnant girls. The young neighbor become the only way to help this glamorous wild girl, and that is exactly what she does. Such a good movie indeed!
This movie features Juliette Lewis, Helen Shaver, and some others.

That Night (1992) Poster 

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