Friday, February 7, 2014

YouTube Valentine Week #1: Lily Pebbles

Valentines is almost here, and I decided to dedicate this week to my favorite YouTube channels and blogs! And no, Valentine doesn't exclude any kind of love that is not the kind between couples, its just an occasion to share any kind of love you can think of, and to tell people you love that you love them!

Love you mom!

ANYWAY, I usually love starting with favorites, and this time, I struggled! But, truth is (embarrassing story time!), I had a dream of meeting Lily Pebbles, and I never dream of YouTubers, so I took it as a sign! I'm not going to share the details of the dream, because sadly, they're all blurry. Anyway, so here you go, Lily, if you happen to find this post, then I'm the luckiest girl ever, and I think you're amazing!

So guys listen, Lily is a beauty blogger and a YouTuber, her blog is AH-MAZING, she writes in a very comprehensive manner, and it makes you lose track of time because she is so interesting! Her videos are well edited, right to the point, clear, and you can tell that there's a lot of effort put into it as well as thought, it is truly a wonderful thing to watch. I admit, I love the Lily-Anna friendship, and I adore the Lily-Anna-Amelia friendship too! In my opinion, if you're looking for a really good person to watch, look no further, Lily is one of the best of the best! And what makes it even better is that she loves plummy makeup too!

She also does Beauty Talks with Anna, and these videos are seriously the HIGHLIGHT of the month for me. Not to mention, Lily and Anna also did a blogger/YouTuber starter series! They're really sweet! And when she vlogs... UGH they're some of my favorite things to watch! And when she does videos with her boyfriend, they're always so pleasant to watch and these two are so incredibly cute together! I wish I knew Lily, I truly do! Oh, and her GRWM videos are also amazing! I must have forgotten another type of thing that she does, but just go to her channel and her blog and see for yourself, she's adorable.

So, here are some my favorite videos of hers:

And here's a link to her blog:

If you love Lily Pebbles like I do, please share this post so that hopefully she'll read this and know that even people who live in Nazareth absolutely love her :)
And Lily, if you find this post, please vlog more often. And I hope you don't mind me posting some of your videos here, I just want to share the reasons why I think you're great! XO

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