Thursday, March 27, 2014

Testing Out #2: Guerlain Tenue De Perfection Foundation

YES! at last, Tenue De Perfection has finally arrived to Guerlain counters in Nazareth, and the Guerlain fanatic within me got beyond excited! But hey, I am not the kind to buy a foundation I haven't tried on myself, so I took a small little pot and asked the lady at the counter to fill in a little bit of it for me to try and see whether I like it or not. Obviously, the moment I got back home, I had to play with it a little and check the texture and stuff, but I didn't apply it on my face then.

Upon touching it and blending it on my hand, my initial reaction was that this is not exactly thick, well, it kinda is to me, and that's just because I'm used to, and I love Guerlain's Lingerie De Peau, which is definitely runny. I've never really liked "thicker" consistencies for my foundations, but hey, its Guerlain, I want to try it out and see how I like it before I toss it out or run to the counter and purchase it.

So as I was saying, I blended it on my hand to see the coverage level, and it turned out to have a medium-FULL coverage, and it is build-able. On my hand, it seemed like a perfect match, and just to clarify, the lady didn't have to match me, I knew pretty much which shade will (02 Beige Claire). the finish is also pretty matte, with a very slight and almost unnoticeable baby sheen, but mostly matte.

I let it sit on my hand for a couple hours, just to see how it feels and all, but keep in mind that my hands are drier than my face, and it felt pretty drying on.

Now lets move to the part where we discuss the face, shall we!

So for me, I need to test a foundation out for 4 days, in 4 different situations:
1. Straight on the face
2. Over Guerlain's L'or Primer (the one with gold)
3. Over Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer
4. Over the two primers mixed together

So far, I have tried it for 2 days, and lets find out what happened.

Day one was straight on the face, and I must tell you this, the coverage is pretty full, the application is easy as long as you don't take a year and a half to blend, and I tried a little bit with a brush, and a little bit with my hands, and it worked pretty good in both scenarios. It was, like I said, pretty matte too, which isn't my favorite finish to be honest. It wore all day long and it did not emphasize my despised almost there laughter lines which my beloved Lingerie De Peau can tend to do. It did settle in some pores after 6-8 hours of wear, but it wasn't terrible at all. However, for my normal-dry skin, this was a little too drying, and by the end of the day (after 10-11 hours of wear), and even though it looked pretty well, my cheeks and the area around my mouth felt pretty tight and a little uncomfortable. So I thought this must be great for combo-oily skin.

Day two was under my Guerlain Primer, and that primer is pretty moisturizing and dewy. So I applied it over that, the coverage was the same, pretty full coverage but natural and not cakey at all, even if built up. The finish was more satiny than it was on day one, but that is all due to the primer. It wore pretty great I must say, I got the same 10-11 hours (until I took it off), but I still had the pores issue around my nose, but it was definitely less than day 1. In terms of drying, I didn't notice my skin feeling tight, but definitely not moisturized or whatever. So, over the Guerlain primer, I did enjoy it a lot more.

I still have two more days of trial, and I will definitely make a "The Verdict is" blog and video on it. So my tip for you curious readers is to follow my blog and stay fully informed, and to subscribe to my YouTube channel. But I have more things schedules before this video will come up, so expect it to come sometime after April the 10th.

One last thing, my skin isn't very sensitive, so far, no break outs, but we'll see!

I have purposely reserved the footage for the final verdict, so expect to see them sometime in April.

Oh, and by the way, have you tried this foundation? what do you think about it? and what is your preferred method of applying it? AAAND lastly, do you love Lingerie De Peau as much as I do????

Thanks for reading, don't forget to check my channel again and follow the blog!
lots of love,

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