Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yellow Neon Dress Perfect Pink Lipsticks

So today is Easter, and I hope that its a good enough opportunity for all of you to decide to wear your most festive bold spring colored lip products. I decided to wear a neon yellow dress, and I had to think of a lipstick shade that will be bold enough to pull the outfit off, put enough emphasis on the dress, yet not look like a zombie. Now my lipstick shades may differ from one to another, and there are many dupes for the shades, but these are the ones I considered wearing, and of course I'll let you know which one I opted for.

1. YSL Rouge Volupte in 08 Fetish Pink. Its a gorgeous pink, without a doubt. But my problem with this one in particular is that the Rouge Volupte's line has a distinctive smell that many people like, yet it puts me off. Plus, I wore this lipstick last Easter, so why would I wear the same shade for two Easters in a row. But honestly, it is still my favorite Easter shade. AAAAND here's a swatch.

2. Lancome Rouge In Love in Violette Coquette. This is arguably the prettiest Fuchsia Pink I have seen so far. It doesn't smell horrible like the earlier one does, and its much longer lasting too. However, I just thought this was a little too much to wear with a bold dress. But if I wore a white dress, this would have definitely been the lipstick of choice for me.

3. Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 166 Shalimar, which is the one I chose. I mainly picked this because it was an identical match to the clutch I used, it was just perfect. I would also call it a neon pink, it was bold but not an overkill for my already bold dress. The formula is very comfortable but long lasting, it has a beautiful sheen but its not glossy. It was just very complimentary and perfect. And I got many compliments wearing it

I hope that you liked my picks. I will definitely do an Easter OOTD if you would like to see it, so do let me know about that! Happy Easter everybody

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