Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Verdict is #4: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I have become majorly obsessed with cleansing balms over the last couple months! They've been discussed way too often, and skin care is one of my many loves, and I just had to try one! I was willing to become a cannibal for that Emma Hardie one that was all the rage a while ago, but for 100 ml, it was just overpriced! I researched and researched and found many more cleansing balms, but for some reason, it just took me so long to make the leap of faith I've made. But finally, we're here! So lets give the Clinique cleansing balm a fair trial!

Obviously, we cant discuss a beauty item and not be slightly superficial and vain and criticize the packaging! For a person who'd rather have a khaki green (my favorite color beauty wise) packaging over a purple one, I quite like it! It has a silver lid that's quite secure. I mean, there's really not much to say about it other than yeah, its alright!

It contains 125ml, which is significantly more than the average. And it costs around 28.5 USD, which is a bargain! Alright now lets talk about the texture! This feels like soft butter that's been out of the fridge for a while and has started to melt. For someone who hasnt tried cleansing balms before, I was intrigued, and certainly amused. Amused until the minuted I put it on ma face!

It melted so quickly and became pretty slippery... oily! I felt a little uncomfortable at first, it was a peculiar feeling indeed. Then I started to massage it on my face, and boy, it felt nice. Now I did have a full face of makeup, and I even had liquid eyeliner on. So I shut my eyes and started to massage them, not expecting much. I massaged for a while, and I'm tellin' ya, that massaging thing feels so nice I lost track of time! All I know is that when I felt brave enough to open my eyes, I was terrified to death I almost had a heart attack! There was a panda in the mirror staring back at me and mimicking my every movement! Oh, wait, that panda was me with molten eyeliner all over my face! I'll be honest, it took me a while to get over that traumatic sight I saw in the mirror, but once I collected my thoughts, I realized how friggin' awesome this cleansing balm is at removing my makeup. And you know what's even more amazing? It didn't sting my sensitive eyes that turn tomato red in seconds! I'm telling you, this cleansing balm is the shizzzz!

Now, viewer discretion must be advised as you are about to see my panda transformation right now! I recommend you shut your eyes and skip this terrifying sight if you have a fear of nightmares... I would say something about the messy hair, but it is not nearly as horrific as my panda face!

Now I wanted the full experience, I wanted a hot cloth to rub on my face, I wanted to feel like a fancy British gal who just happens to live in blooming Nazareth! And that's what I did, I got a red cloth just to make it even sexier and hotter, run it under hot water, and *slapped* it gently on my face! It was the highlight of my life, I can honestly say that I can split my life into two parts, pre-cleansing balm and post cleansing balm!

After the cloth started to cool on my face, I just gave myself a last wipe just to make sure that there was no cleanser residue on my face. And BAM, the panda has departed, and all there was in the mirror was just me and my squeaky clean face! But don't worry about missing Mr. Panda too much, all you gotta do is put your liner on and cleanse it with a balm, and you'll be reunited with Mr or Miss Panda again, yay!

So just to make sure I had a super clean face, this is a cotton pad soaked in some micellar cleansing water I used to make sure that my face was squeaky clean, and look at it, it is clean! This thing really works!

Lastly, if you're worried that this will leave your face feeling greasy, dont worry! It makes your face feel clean, non-stripped, comfortable enough, and ready for your next steps in your skincare routine.

Do I need to conclude or do you get the picture? The verdict is that this product is awesome, highly recommended, its life changing, and once you start using a cleansing balm, you'll never go back to those nasty foaming ones ever again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I'll end with a classic Nat King Cole note and say: LOVE was made for me and yoooooou (cleansing balm)

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