Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Verdict is #3:Tom Ford Cognac Sable

I am guilty of falling for a hyped up, well, an extremely hyped up product, as usual! But did I end up loving it as much as I had originally anticipated? Well, lets discuss this product and try to make up our minds together, or maybe you can make up my mind for me!

Yes, as the title suggests, the product being put in trial today is the highly anticipated eyeshadow quad in Cognac Sable by the legendary Tom Ford. Yes, Tom Ford is a big deal to me, he's OH SO HANDSOME, he's bloody brilliant, his blushes and perfumes are tried and trusted by me, and I was dying to try more from his line which is sadly unavailable where I live.

Alright now lets talk a little bit about the packaging and all the superficial things, because hey, in the world of beauty, the product must perform and look delightful too! Alright so the packaging is similar to the blushes packaging except its much bigger. Its a fingerprint magnet, which sucks, but it still looks simple-y elegant and really chic. It has a magnetic closure, and a genormous mirror, an awesome one indeed! It comes with two double sided applicators, one has a pointy sponge and a rounded one, the other one has that same rounded sponge and an angled blending brush of some sort that is very soft that I use it too! The compact is made out of some kind of plastic that still looks chic, and its quite hefty too. If it wasnt for those nasty fingerprints, I would have raved a little bit more about the superficial packaging, but then maybe its better so that I get to the performance part faster.

Alright, performance-wise, I am reaaaaaaly impressed by the pigmentation, the softness, how easy to blend they are, and the nonexistent fallout. Mr. Ford, I love you ten times more! These colors though not as creamy as my beloved Guerlain (cant make a post without talking about my Guerlain love affair!!), but they perform just as good! I am in love with the quality, head over heels in love with the nonexistent fallout, and honestly, I want more of them quads!

Now is this post going to be a complete and total praise? No... Lets talk about the shades and explain why I'm not completely smitten by this quad. OK, so hence the word quad, this palette contains 4 colors:

Wow factor much???

The first shade is a warm golden peachy champagne, with baby shimmers running through it. I really love this shade, I think its perfect all over the lid, in the inner tear duct, and for those of you who highlight underneath your eyebrows, this will work too. As I said, no fallout, zero!
The second shade is a lighter chocolate brown with fine shimmer too. Its pretty warm again, highly pigmented, not too shimmery for the crease, and super easy to blend.
The third shade is a darker burnt warm brown, yes, warm again! It also has some fine shimmers, and its really well pigmented and I love it for the outer v. It's arguably my favorite outer v shade ever, at least thats how it seems nowadays!
The last shade is a glittery copper. This is the problematic shade for me for two reasons which I'll address after I tell you what's good about it, lets just start with the positive, the least I can give to Mr. Ford. The quality of this glitter is jaw-dropping! This glitter is so nice that I can use it on my anyone's eyes regardless of age and it wont accentuate wrinkles or anything like that. And what amazes me even more is the, again, nonexistent fallout. Now I used it with my little finger just for a little accent, I heard it performs better when pressed, and it really does perform phenomenally well. Yes its great quality, I think I've already established that well enough. Now lets talk a little bit about why this isnt the quad of my life! That glitter shade is a love/hate shade for me. I love the quality but I just do not think its practical for my makeup consumption habits, so to say... I just don't use chunky glitter on my eyes, I think its not daytime appropriate, but maybe that's just me being too settle for the average woman... Another thing is that if  I wanted to only use shades from this palette exclusively, it turns out to be a little too warm toned that I find the need to use a neutral toned shade to balance it out. And since I prefer using my fingers over a brush, I just find that it spreads the glitters a little too much, even if I use my already petite pinkie, its just too big for my petite eyelid!

Tom ford Cognac Sable and Guerlain (AGAIN! Carol, you need to stop!) Les Cuirs

Now before I conclude, I thought we should talk a little bit about the price. This quad costs about 78 USD. It is not cheap by any stretch of an imagination, but hey I bought it, and I'm not the president's daughter nor do I make a billion dollar a week. And hey, I do want more of these quads, especially Silvered Topaz, and maybe also Titanium Smoke for my pleasure as a smokey eye lover!

Conclusion time, or should I say the verdict is?
Do I love this quad? yes, maybe, probably... I'm very fond of all of the shades except for that glitter, but thanks to this quad, I find myself grabbing my other even more neutral quad, which I've featured in the footage and reviewed here, more just to tone down the coppery-ness of the Mr. Ford quad. The shimmer may grow on me, hopefully. What do you think? Do you have this quad? If not, do you feel encouraged to buy it or discouraged?
But hey, until we meet again, here's to us enjoying our makeup more, and I'll drink to the hope of falling in love with glitter on the lids! cheers!

BTW, I'll be doing a YouTube Review of this quad, and I'll link right here as soon as I do it! And if you'd like to see how I use it on a day to day basis, I'll definitely make sure to film a modest tutorial for y'all! thanks for reading everyone!

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