Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tom Ford Lip Colors: Wild Ginger & Violet Fatale

If there can ever be two products that I thought my life depended on having, then these products must be Tom Ford lipsticks! I couldnt care less about the extremely high price tag for a plain lipstick, I just knew I wanted a couple of them. I waited for an opportunity to get some hence they're unavailable in my country, and as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, the longer I had to wait, the more determined I got. So long story short, I finally  got the chance to finally own some.

For 50 dollars a lipstick, I decided to get two lipsticks, one which is a favorite of my all time favorite YouTuber, Lily Pebbles, and that is Wild Ginger which is a stunning orange red. The second one is a what I had hoped would be a straight up purple lipstick, which is Violet Fatale, but we'll get to that later.

Before we talk about colors themselves, let me just tell you guys that these expensive lipsticks are... NOTHING SPECIAL! There's nothing special in the texture, the way these things feel on my lips, the wear-time, etc etc etc. Did I call Mr. Ford's lipstick average? OOPS, I think I have! I mean, they're really nice, but so are many other lipsticks in the market! Lets be more specific and give a full description of these two 50 USD lipsticks!

Lets start out by saying that the only thing these two lipsticks from the same line and brand have in common is the wear time! Other than that, I felt that they were completely different. Both shades wore on me for an average of 3-4 hours, but they come off when I eat. I feel like if you let them sit on the lips for a good hour or two then they are more likely to leave a stain behind, but if you eat straight away, then you will definitely have to reapply.

In terms of texture, I felt that Violet Fatale was much more creamy and glossy, which may explain the fact that it has less pigment. Wild Ginger felt rather drier, didnt have the glossy finish of the former, I wouldnt say a matte finish, , but had a lot more pigment. I really don't think I can describe the texture of Tom Ford lipsticks as a line, as the two I've tried could not be more different, at least texture wise.

Wild Ginger is a stunning orange with strong red vibes, if that makes any sense! It is extremely extremely pigmented, and it has a satin finish. It's the perfect night out shade, and it pairs particularly well with a winged, tons of mascara, and a bronzer. I have filmed a tutorial using this shade with eyeshadow and blush, and it did look nice with that, but if you wanted this lipstick to be the focal point of the look, just do a winded line and bronze up your complexion!

Violet Fatale is a raspberry purple pink, which disappointed me a bit, but I still really like the color nonetheless! It's very different from Wild Ginger as I have suggested earlier! It has less pigmentation and more glossiness, it feels more buttery and smooth, creamy, and it has baby almost invisible shimmer! I think this would be perfect for a daytime look with pink blush, shimmery champagne eyeshadow all over the lid, a matte skin tone crease shade, and obviously, the secret weapon to meh lashes, mascara! This shade is also the perfect night out shade, just don't do bronzer, apply your highlighter, sculpt your face with a neutral toned sculpting powder, keep the eyes, add the liner, and you're more than ready to shine!

Overall, I cannot say that I'm disappointed, I mean, after all, they are really nice lipsticks... I just expected more! I will the heavens out of them though! I will not leave two 50 USD dollars to rot in a drawer! But I wouldnt say that they were must haves by any means! just some good lipsticks with a heavier than needs to be price tag...

Don't forget to check out the tutorial I already linked somewhere throughout the post :)

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