Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Lip Products Addict Tag

Another two of my all time favorite YouTubers, Amelia from Amelia Liana and Estee from EssieButton, have recently created a great tag that I really want to do. The tag in mind is The Lip Product Addict Tag that you can click on to watch their original video. It has eight questions, so lets get started!

1. Favorite Balm/Treatment?

The good old Blistex that feel minty and nice and does a great job at nourishing those lips of mine! I'm not crazy about dipping my fingers in the pot, especially because its small and some product always gets under my short fingernails! But its still my favorite so far.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Without a speck of doubt in my mind, the YSL Glossyy Stain in 09 Rouge Lacque! Its such a classic universally complimentary lipstick. Its not too warm toned or cool toned, its kind of neutral! It has a glossy finish that is literally breathtaking! It lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts, you get the picture right? It is AMAZING!

3. Best luxury & best high-street/drugstore?

Luxury-wise, the Guerlain Rouge Automatique. The packaging is genius, the texture is so creamy and comfortable, never drying, they are long lasting and some shades leave a stain! There's nothing negative about these babies, seriously! Drugstore-wise, I'm yet to really try drugstore lines, but a shade that I'm especially fond of comes from the Rimmel Apocalips line and it is called Out Of This World!

(Left to Right: 166, 141,122)

4. Best Mac Lipstick?

I own zero mac lipsticks, crazy I know. So obviously I cant answer this question. But to give you some sort of answer, the one Mac lipstick I cant wait to get is Mac Plumful! I am using some pictures I found online, so none of these are necessarily mine!

5. Most disappointing?

I know many people disagree on this, but the YSL Rouge Volupte and the whole Volupte line is very disappointing! Lets start by saying that I find the fake melon scent atrocious, it puts me off using it! Another thing is that it is too creamy that it just melts off within 30 minutes, even without eating and drinking! The only good thing about them is the packaging, but w nice packaging doesn't make or break the deal for me!

6. Liner, yes or no?

No. Liners are a product I do not enjoy using, be it eye liner or lip liner! Well, honestly, I'm just a little too lazy for lip liner, cannot be bothered!

7. Best Gloss?

Guerlain Maxi Shine in 470 Magenta Woah! Love the shade, the way it feels, it smells nice, the packaging is pretty and practical, and if you'l like to know more details about this product in particular, you can either read more information here or watch my review video here.

Something Extra?

I thought I'd show two lipstick shades that are very similar that I dont think you'd need both of! Lancome Rouge in Love in 381B Violette Coquette and Tom Ford lip color in 17 Violet Fatale! The TF one is slightly warmer, but nothing major, and on the lips, they look almost identical!

And that's it, I plan to film a video of this tag, so if you'd like to watch the video, check the link in about two weeks and you might find a link or something!
PS the video will be uploaded on May the 27th at 12 PM Jerusalem time!

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