Saturday, February 9, 2013

Best 3 Reads of 2012

3. In One Person by John Irving
John Irving happens to be my all time favorite novelist, and his writing style happens to appeal to me most! This is by no means as exquisite as A Prayer for Owen Meany, but its close! I don't want to talk about the plot, because I dont want to spoil anybody's experience while reading this masterpiece, and I don't think the plot is what makes this book really amazing in the first place. Throughout reading this book, I was very impressed by the language itself, which is probably what makes Irving one of the most remarkable authors of our time. The characters are beautifully described and its easy to be taken by them and to feel like you are actually seeing them in action while reading this book, because it does offer a mental kind of experience that is by no means weird, but is rather beautiful, and it is what makes reading books great in my opinion.

2. The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
This is a classic that took me 22 years to finally have the privilege of reading. This is funny, witty, entertaining, and its easy to read! I read in in less that a day because I couldnt put it down. I definitely understand the reason why Oscar Wilde is highly praised and admired! I cant wait to read more of his plays and any other kind of writing that he does!

1. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
And I thought I don't like mystery! That was a fallacy, a wrong assumption, because the combination of Gothic elements and good literature is a winner and we only need a great book like this one to discover it! the plot itself is interesting, it definitely makes the book hard to put down because you cant wait to know what will happen. I wont go into details regarding the plot because I dont want to tell you the story, all I want to do is to actually make you want to purchase this book or even borrow it and actually read it. I have never been surprised by the way a story turns out to be, and I have read books that have the potential of being surprising or of having some unexpected turns and twists here and there. I believe this would be really fun to read, and the kind of references this book has are also quite great for a modern book. Therefore, I definitely recommend this book to everybody out there who are looking for a real great read!

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