Friday, July 26, 2013

My First Tom Ford Purchase - Tom Ford Blushes

Let me just start out by saying that this is probably the most exciting purchase to share with all of you! I have yet to see a Tom Ford counter in my country, and I hope I will find one, but so far, I don't think Tom Ford cosmetics are sold in Israel. Therefore, I asked my relatives who were travelling to buy two Tom Ford blushes which I was certain I will love. I really wanted more than two blushes, but since Tom Ford products come with a rather hefty price tag, I decided to resist the irresistible temptations. I wanted a couple eyeshadow quads and lipsticks, but unfortunately, I am not a millionaire yet :(!

Anyhow, lets hop into what really matters, my new TOM FORD blushes. As I mentioned, I got two, number 03 Flush, and number 06 Wicked. Possibly the brightest colors out of his permanent blushers line. Of course, I did not see them in person until a week agi, and I couldn't have been happier with my picks! I thought I was going to like Flush better, but Wicked is such a gorgeous color, as you'll see in the pictures below.

 I guess before I start talking about the actual colors, I should mention some technical facts. Lets start with the only drawback, the PRICE! My relatives purchased the blushers at Harrods, London, and they were 45 British pounds each, definitely pricey! But, as I said, its the only drawback. Now lets get into the good stuff, I'm going to explain why these blushers are worth every penny or dime or whatever! These blushers come with 8 grams of product, and that is truly generous, and I cant think of a blusher that comes with more product, except for my Guerlain Sheer Bronzing Powder which has peach and pink, and comes with 10 grams of product. But nonetheless, 8 grams is great, and will last for absolutely ages, even with constant use. The packaging is to die for, stunning comes short of describing the elegance of the actual package, It is mostly brown, with a golden side like you can see in the pictures. More importantly, it does not attract fingerprint, as long as your hand are clean of course. It comes in a very sturdy brown carton compact with golden writing on it, which goes in conjunction with the product's packaging itself, and it comes with a lighter brown velvet sleeve, extremely chic. Now what's even better is the fact that these powders are unscented, which is perfect for sensitive skins of course. And the best part of all is the product itself, its' pigmentation, longevity, blendability, texture, etc etc etc! Actually, these blushes are the longest wearing blushes I have ever tried.

I guess now I can start talking about the colors themselves. I will start with Flush, which is a bright and cheerful corally orange with some faint and extremely fine golden shimmer. However, I wouldnt call it a shimmery blush by any means, it actually has a satin finish, it gives a superb subtle sheen, nothing too dramatic and clownish of course. This blush is the most pigmented one out of the two, if applied heavily, it will look clownish! But if that's the look you like, then I guess its a plus ;)! Anyhow, I suggest using it with a brush that is not heavily loaded with bristles, because I think it will give the blush a more beautiful and natural result. Or if  you are like me, and you only have one blush brush (in my case it is the Dior blush brush with the silver handle), and your blush isnt exactly sparse, tapping the brush to get rid of any excess is a must. And remember, it is easier to add product than to take it off!

(Pictures and Swatches of Flush)

Now Wicked is my favorite, it is one little heartbreaker blush! It is a raspberry pink, and I think it has some rosegold fine shimmer, they're very fine and at least to me, not immediately detectable, or at least less obvious than it is with Flush. It gives a gorgeous satin finish, and I consider the color to be a cool toned shade, yet still wearable on all skin colors and tones. The pigmentation is also intense, though not as strong as Flush, but still the application method should be the same. I think that this will probably find its way to my favorite blush of all times, and I think it will become a resident in my makeup bags in no time!

If you were on a budget, I would still recommend that you save some money and splurge on a Tom Ford Blush, and out of the two I got, I would highly recommend Wicked. It is just fantastic!

Hope this was helpful :)

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