Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beauty Mistakes? When to Draw the Line?

Dear fellow beauty junkies,

This is not a review post, and it is not even me telling anyone what I think they should use or do or drink. As a matter of fact, I don't think I'm in a position to be making out rules and collecting followers in dark piggy banks, nor do I wish to be in that position.

I want to make it short and sweet, so here is my insight into what many people seem to call "beauty mistakes". Now, in my world, I think these "mistakes" are not really mistakes, unless it causes damage like fine lines, wrinkles, and all physical and irreversible kinds of damage, or any kind of damage for that matter. The way that you apply your makeup is nobody's business, and the way people apply their makeup is none of your business as well. Too thick of a liner, too dark of an eye, too much bronzer, or any other comment of such nature really is either a choice, or the path of growth of a makeup consumers. People's way of applying makeup constantly changes, and that change must come from within. Therefore, making up claims that a certain way of applying makeup is wrong is a claim to avoid. I guess the message is to let people experiment. Remember, makeup is not federal business, nail polish won't stop human trafficking, what makes makeup so much fun is its very leniency, so why fix what isn't broken, why limit people when there needs to be no limits.

Dear readers, if your way of applying makeup has changed throughout time, don't insult others and ask them to follow your path. If a certain way of application or a certain product is problematic to you, it may not be the same for other people. If you don't like a certain look, others may love it. Be tolerant, train your eyes to be able to see what displeases you without frowning. Let people form their own opinions and reach their own conclusions, its much more fun that way.

And well, yes I'm human, yes I'm not perfect, yes I may fall in the trap of forcing my favorite products on others, yes I may want the whole world to use my favorite foundation, but I am trying to change that, I am trying to become more tolerant of other people choices. I hope that you will try being more tolerant too. And if you're criticized, show tolerance towards whoever is criticizing you, but don't beat yourself up and don't change what you like unless it is going to blind you, burn your teeth, or any other physical damage that we all want to prevent and avoid.

Guys, this is a really important message that I wanted to put out in the open. So please, help me spread the word and try to make the world of makeup more tolerant and even more lenient. And if you're new to makeup like I still consider myself to be, please feel free to experiment!

Take care, love yourself, and others :)
And remember, you don't have to change the skin that you're already comfortable in!

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