Saturday, February 1, 2014


For all of you silver glitter polish lovers, you'll probably really adore OPI's In True Stefani Style. I think it probably is a limited edition shade, but I believe you can still find it in stock nonetheless. It contains both large and tiny glitters that are very reflective in sunlight, and almost have this crystal effect where it reflects like a rainbow kind of reflection on the big glitters. REALLY pretty, dries out quickly, and once you've tried those "liquid sand" kind of nail polishes, the texture and feel of these glitters won't feel as bizarre as it might. One more thing, this is a very pair friendly polish, you can wear it on everything, and even on its own.

For the base, I wore Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in 10 Hot Coral. This is a color that I would classify more as a red than a coral, especially with the second coat. But it is beautiful regardless, and I have established in earlier posts that Estee Lauder nail Polishes are quickly becoming some of my favorite (especially the phenomenal shade So Vain)!

And for some more footage, scroll down!

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