Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY: My Favorite Cheap Eye Makeup Remover

Honestly, Makeup remover to me is one of these products that I don't think are as important as serums, moisturizers, or anything that will stay on your face and not washed off. Therefore, I try not to buy really expensive ones, but I am never that satisfied with what get, especially when it comes to wiping off mascaras, even though I don't use waterproof ones to begin with. I love Lancome Bi-Facil, but I go through it so quickly, and it is not cheap. So I tried to find alternatives with that same concept of half an oily liquid and half a non-oily one, and I just always seemed to be quite dissatisfied with them. My makeup remover search did not end until I did a little DIY experiment, and that is the most effective solution I found for such an affordable price, actually, a very cheap price.

This DIY experiment includes a container with a pump (like an old used up toner bottle), water, and now for the main ingredient, *drumrolls please*, OLIVE OIL. I know this is probably not a groundbreaking discovery, and you're probably saying to yourself, deja vu! I know I cant be the only one who discovered it, but this thing really really works, and it is new to me!

I fill about 3/4 quarters of the bottle with olive oil, and I fill the rest with water, and voila, here it is, your awesome eye makeup remover that is cheap and works like a charm! Just remember to give it a REAL good shake before using it because oil looooves to separate and be a lonely ingredient in your eye makeup remover ocean! This honestly is a very gentle, fast, and effective makeup remover, and dare I say, it really works just as good as the Lancome Bi-Facil, if not better, at least pocket-wise? (I do!)

 (The darker part is the olive and the lighter side is the water)
(After shaking)
(On a cotton pad)
(Sorry, my bottle is quite dark!)

I do not think I'd like to share with you some panda eyes pictures of the makeup removing process, but here is a picture of my hand with a bb cream, some bronzer, blush, glittery highlighter, black eyeshadow, waterproof pencil liner, mascara, and my beloved YSL long lasting red toned Glossy Stain. And here's a before and after of how it looked with and without my makeup.

 (With makeup on my hands)
(Makeup magically removed, and no shiny and greasy hand! I cant even see the Glossy Stain!)

As you can see, not a speck of makeup or glitter is there, and my hand looks pretty clean, and not greasy. Though and olive oil is claimed to be pretty good for your skin anyway, but it'll be rinsed or cleansed and rinsed afterwards. So, this is a win win situation, and I highly recommend you try it out.

I'd love to know whether you try it out, and how you feel about it! Best of luck!

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