Saturday, February 8, 2014


And my obsession with OPI In True Stefani Style glitter polish continues, grows, and here I am declaring to the world that I am truly, deeply, and madly in love with it.

For this mani, I obviously used OPI In True Stefani Style, which I highly recommend, and I applied it over a french-mani type of polish, which is Ga-de's nail enamel in 312 Bridal Rose, and I did so on my thumb, index, and middle finger. And then I went and applied an opaque nail color on my ring finger and my baby finger or pinkie, and color is the beautiful Ga-de nail enamel in 822 Rhodolite Garnet.

Ga-de Crystal Glow Nail Polish in 312 Bridal Glow is an ideal color for french manicure, it is a kind of transparent pink nude, and it is almost invisible once it dries. It makes a beautiful base for glitter polish especially if you prefer not to apply it straight on your nails.

Opi In True Stefani Style is a clear based glitter polish with some big and little silver glitter that as I explained in my REAL PRETTY MANI #1, reflects light in a very crystal-like way, pretty much like a rainbow. Once it dries, it doesn't feel smooth, hence the shimmers, but it is not nearly as awkward as OPI liquid sand polishes or    Ga-de's Chrystallic Matte Nail Colors are. The shimmer can be applied lightly or heavily as well, it depends on your preferences, the number of coats you apply, and whether you wipe the brush on the tip of the bottle or not. I don't wipe the brush at all, and I only use one coat, and that is the result I get and love.

Lastly, Ga-de Crystal Glow nail enamel in 822 Rhodolite Garnet os a beautiful metallic glitter with almost undetectable super fine pink shimmer. It is truly beautiful, glossy, and it is a beautiful shade to wear during the winter. It is one of the more opaque polishes, and many might find that one coat of it is enough, but when it comes to color polishes, I say two coats seal the deal!

And here we have it, ladies, a real pretty mani. Enjoy the following pictures!

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