Saturday, February 8, 2014

YouTube Valentine Week #3: HannaGeorgina24

We're on day 3, and for today's Share the Love, we have a very underrated YouTuber, Hannah, one of my very first YouTuber loves, and one that I still love just the same if not more.

Hannah, if you're watching this, congratulations on reaching 10,000 subscribers, and I hope that you'll reach 10 million ones in no time! And yeah, I love you!

So Hannah is one of those young ladies with a good eye for what's good and what's luxurious, she always looks so soft and youthful. She is more of a beauty guru than a lifestyle person on her YouTube channel, but I feel like she mixes things up in her blog. One of the things I love most about her is how gorgeous she always looks, makeup, hair, what she seems to wear, everything about her screams elegance. Her videos usually cover a wide variety of products, so you'd rarely see her review only one product, but she tends to do several tutorials and GRWM type of videos, which are always great to watch. I do not feel like she's a makeup hoarder, but everything she seems to own is always top-notch fabulous.

She is one of the more direct and straightforward people I watch, and that is amazing. I feel like she's serious about what she does, and I feel like I can trust her opinion on beauty related things! In terms of her skincare routine, I always feels like she knows how to deal with the fact that she's too young for heavy anti-aging stuff, but she needs to take care of her skin and prevent or delay the aging process, she's always on top of her game, and I love it! Overall, I think that Hannah is stunning, very directional, has amazing taste, and knows how to apply makeup like a pro! And she wears Lola, Marc Jacobs perfume that I love, gotta give her extra credit for that!

And here are some of my favorite videos of hers:

And here's a link to her blog:

If you love Hannah, like myself, please share this post so that hopefully she'll read this and know that I love her!
And Hannah, if you find this post, I'd love to see even more GRWM and tutorials. And I hope you don't mind me posting some of your videos here, I just want to share the reasons why I think you're fabulous! XO

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