Friday, March 21, 2014


You know when you really like a YouTuber, and you feel like that YouTuber can really convince you to go out and try a certain product? For me, this YouTuber is Hannah Georgina. I have heard her talk about Dior nail lacquer in 537 Riviera over and over again, and recently, she even put it in a giveaway, and that is when I knew I had to have it. And that's what happened, I spent about 33 USD on a nail polish, and you know what, I love it and I do not regret it at all. (Everything is more expensive in Israel)

Riviera is a beautiful orange, it might look like an orange red to my mother, but its a straight up orange to me. It is one of those shades I would wear all year round, especially in the summer. I think this would also look stunning on the toes with white flip flops! I prefer it with short nails, but then I prefer almost everything with shorter nails... It is also a color that does not need an accent nail for it to look more wearable or more posh, I guess, it just looks classy but with an edge to it. But for the sake of making a more interesting post, I paired it with my favorite glitter nail polish, OPI In True Stefani Fashion, which unfortunately was a LE shade that is no longer available, and I only topped the glitter on my ring finger.

Now since I did talk about OPI's glitter before, I think I should do a quick review on Riviera. The first thing that I must tell you is that is is a really PIGMENTED, I only do one coat and that's it. It also dries pretty quickly, its really impressive. I haven't worn this for more than a couple hours, so I cannot tell you whether this is a long lasting formula, but I have a feeling that I won't be disappointed. Packaging-wise, well, it is really simple and chic looking, but I am not super keen on the really short handle, I'm used to longer ones and it's going to take me a little bit of getting used to it, but it is no big deal. The applicator is pretty wide and relatively thin, so it covers a decent space of your nails, but if you had very small nails like I do, especially minute almost invisible pinkie nail, it can be a little too much, but the trick is not to apply any pressure on it, its not a big deal either.

Overall, and even though I do not know whether this is a long lasting formula, I am nonetheless smitten by this shade, it is absolutely and totally stunning, and I don't care if it will chip after a day, though I don't think it will, but I still  love it and highly highly recommend it!

Update: I've had this nail polish for 4 days, no chips, and even the opi glitter adheres to it better than ever! Dior, WELL DONE

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