Friday, March 21, 2014

Testing Out #1: Dior Abricot Huile Daily Nutritive Serum

Nails serum? REALLY? Is the beauty industry going slightly mad, or am I too basic to consider needing such product. Either ways, I admit it, I am intrigued, and my nails do need a whole lotta help. By the way, can you find the two hidden song references in those two line?

Putting music aside, this nail serum thing is supposed to moisturize your cuticles and strengthen your nails, so it doesn't claim to do anything other than what you would expect of such product. It comes is a squeeze tube that has a brush on its' end, and when you squeeze the tube, the product will come onto the brush and you just apply a tiny little dab on each fingernail and rub it with your finger, pretty simple. It comes out as a transparent oily gel, and it spreads pretty easily too. Now I have only had this product for a night, I used it twice, and I must say that I find it hard not to get an excessive amount on the brush, somehow I just always seem to squeeze a bit too much... I guess I hope to one day know when enough's enough! The brush is very soft and precise, it doesn't splay too much, and it never feels scratchy. The product feels oily when you try to rub it on your cuticles, but honestly, it seems to sink in pretty quickly, and it doesn't disrupt your nail polish, which is just fab!

So, as the title indicates, I am putting this to the test and trying this out to see whether it works or not, and I will certainly report back!

Have you tries any of the abricot nail care line? What other products should I try next?

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